January 31, 2006

-. ...-- --- -..-

hey, how about if i never update this thing!

for those of you who are interested, i have changed my ham radio callsign from N3UMH to N3OX and now have a new site www.n3ox.net to go with it.

for those of you who are uninterested, BANG BANG ZZZZZZZZZZ!


hey, no it isn't. but... ok. it is.

January 13, 2006

nom de spam

i will be changing my name to "petulant the birefringent," or possibly "bauxite the sue."

consumptive, or maybe not. good morning.

January 07, 2006

briskly actuate this gentleman

he lives for spatial contraction

- - - - - -

it occurs to me today that i will

1) never again be *required* to take another class
2) never again be compelled to take a roommate

aww. i'm all grown up.

to feed your feed boy by...

... i have added titles.

January 04, 2006

remember when i wrote songs?

it took me a bit but: new song lyrics!

first, though, a picture NONRANDOMLY selected from the vault...

a french tiny house, seen rarely in the wild, warily eyes the passing tgv

- - - - - -

the indie girl phase transition (formerly the untitled new one)


tennessee american exports (formerly known as "wait, wait, i know it, i know it" (a.k.a. finished it on monday, played it out on tuesday))

please update your brains and prepare for tennessee american exports to be better next time you hear it.