July 08, 2006

right, a title.

does it even exist anymore, this blog? yes. sometimes. not now, but other times.

i'm sure that all my readers have gone away. that's why i'm telling you:

saturday, 15 july 2006
new deal cafe; greenbelt, md
a show. festival of the song.
ash, ilyAIMY, me, many others.

i'm at 6.

music starts early; check www.newdealcafe.com for details.


santulli said...

How's it going dan?

How was the show.

17 July, 2006 12:07  
dan said...

santulli! show was good... fun times.

i, however, am a horrible person and never talk to anyone anymore.


18 July, 2006 20:17  

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