December 28, 2005

tasty, tasty loin

seared pepper-crusted monk loin with lime cream fanned over garlicky spinach fettucini $16.99

dentistry and chromatic normalcy

i HATE novocaine! argh. got a tooth filled this morning; will be heading back to maryland in an hour or so, and this *should* wear off by breezewood so i can have my mid-journey coffee break without drooling everywhere, but ... ehhg

i had to have a big dose too; the first syringe made my tongue numb but not my teeth.

um, colors back to normal; that's all.

December 24, 2005

eat it!

please enjoy said snowmuffin

- - - - - -

happy holidays! from us here at, namely me,, i mean dan zimmerman (.com) NO! NO .COM! simply daniel zimmerman. argh.

the colors (WILL NOT RUN!) will go back to normal (GUNS!) soon. um... i think there's a neocon gremlin or some(BUSH IS STILL MY HERO, WIRETAP OR NO!)thing in here. also a random TLD enter.bizer(CHENEY GETS ME HOT*!)

go eat your fruit(RUMSFELD!)cake or ... sigh.

* it's safe, really

December 23, 2005

holiday locator post part 0

i'm in erie until the 28th... uh... that is all.

December 21, 2005

new year's show

so i want to post an announcement about what's going on at perk on new year's eve, but it's proving to be something of a moving target.

so, tentatively:

new year's eve (sat 31)
college perk new year's bash
dan zimmerman (and sharif and danny)
w/ ilyAIMY, might could, a dj (killian?)
starts at 8pm, goes till 3ish?

show up! but ... well, i don't really know at this point what the deal is with the music. we're all playing but we're not sure if it's before and after midnight or just before or...


December 16, 2005

my phone gots gmail

December 15, 2005

wear a helmet

weather underground is reporting 100% chance of ice pellets today.

December 13, 2005

0.00 leagues under the sea

trent is in DANGER

- - - - - -

consider the following piece of spam:

Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 08:06:05 -0500
From: Pele Crumrine
To: Conchita Stanford
Subject: Re: cristate Negress

across Montserrat and the out islands. Soon thereafter darkness would come, and the Jackal approved of darkness. But then, so did the Chameleon. Storage room, anything? said Bourne into his radio. Rien, monsieur. Johnny? Im up on the roof with six scouts at all points. Nothing. What about the dinner, the party tonight? Our meteorologist arrived ten minutes ago by boat from Plymouth. Hes afraid to fly. ... And Angus tacked a check for ten thousand on the bulletin board, signature and payee to be entered. Scotty was right, all seven couples will be there. Were a society of who-gives-a-shit after an appropriate few minutes of silence. Tell me something I dont know, Bro. ... Out. Im heading back...

the question: are spam filters genetically optimizing computer generated text? cause this one is... well, kind of good.

December 08, 2005

the magical #

"these aluminum tuning forks create the ratio of 8 to 13...this 8 to 13 ratio (8:13) cannot be played on a piano..."

December 07, 2005

alaskan demi-fame

Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 14:23:53 -0500 (EST)
From: Tim McCaskey
To: Daniel S. Zimmerman
Subject: yo

so, we're on a show called wholewheatradio (

and they went to our website, and then they went to our link page, and I think they'll be playing one of your songs soon.

It is emogiraffe.

And it's playing right now.



December 04, 2005

i wish it said "only only"

i lack update. also, it's fwindy today. i have nothing to say, so

please, use care in reading this sign