November 19, 2005

i will not sing germs on you

friday morning, i woke up feeling like i'd been hit by a truck. i'm feeling a bit better today; this probably has something to do with going back to bed until 5:30 when that truck hit me.

hopefully i will be up for playing a show on monday:

monday 21 november @ college perk

probably won't make it to open mic; need to be back in erie by wednesday morning so i'll be leaving sometime tuesday, so if you want dan zimmerman singy goodness, you must come on monday. that's singy as in of singing not of singeing. that would be singey, i suppose.

need a new song and an article on inertial waves.


November 06, 2005

please set your cars in reverse

a sign in toulouse

- - - - - -

happy birthday rowan.

up late; jess is working on a presentation for her conference in zee windy city... i am typing a minor nonsense.


November 04, 2005

significant contributions to engineering

"the long truss was invented by stephen h. long (1784-1864) of the u. s. army topographical service, also a designer of useless locomotives..."

-j.b. calvert on the topic of wooden trusses.

his tech index is pretty interesting and useful.

November 03, 2005



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omg. unreal.

1957 nash metropolitan that has been "saskatchewan-ized".

i... i...

wish i had $1000000. also snow.

i mean, it's only $10,000 CDN.


November 02, 2005

oh, jonathan

this item is funny. other than that, this is what happens at open mic when you read the city paper live and call it "comedy stylings".