October 30, 2005


the rest of the implementation photos are up on jess's flickr page. i like this one and the watergate ones... it's amusing to know that they're up, though i wonder how ephemeral the installation will be. some of the ones that were stuck up around dupont circle (where we started) were down by the time we got back two hours later. were they removed by the curious, or the tidy, street crews or perhaps curious googlers who couldn't remember enough text so they made off with the entirety of it? maybe it was just hungry squirrels with a taste for avery's special adhesive.

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incidentally, this is my 300th post. i am reminded of some moron foxnews talking head i saw in a daily show clip who was asking something like "why is the 2000th death in iraq significant? why not all the others? why this specific number?"

big round numbers, bitch.

big round numbers. humans have a thing about them. have a thought that isn't wholly to support the neocon agenda, ok?

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better topic for a 300th post: hot apple cider on an october sunday evening is a good idea. also, i am going to be an escaped convict at work tomorrow, at least until i have to meet the external review committee for the three meter experiment.

stick it!

one of the implements that can be used to implement implementation

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implementation is a novel on 238 address label stickers, 239 if you count the title. it has a complicated relationship with its publishers. i will leave it up to jess to expound on this. the first instance of implementation in the district of columbia was stickered and photographed today by jess and i and a few others.

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that was the good bit of the day. the bad bit was when we later decided that perk would come through for halloween celebration like it did last year (awesome devil's night party) but, alas, it was just home to a bad PLOJ and no halloweeny stuff at all.

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by the way, the pink thing is the balloon that could not handle the pressure of an implementation paragraph upon its fragile latex self.

October 29, 2005

probably lettuces

please comply with this advisory!

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so hurricane beta reminds me a particular math methods class when i was in college. one dr. vladimir privman announced in the midst of what seemed to be the sixth variable change in the solution of some differential equation that "we have used up all of the greek letters". i don't remember what he went to then...

this is an audio post - click to play

a privman impression

October 27, 2005

do not fill my message

verizon has started sticking a bunch of shit in the message part of their picture messaging. despite my intent to boycott picture messaging because of this, i did want to post a cube picture, so i will sigh and manually edit.

this is the cube. it is fourteen feet on a side. it is non-blue and it's terrific.

October 24, 2005

surprisingly functional hardware

the delegation from france has fastened the latch to secure "dutch master girlfriend" as the final choice*. this, from a tiny dream.

you must understand; in understanding, you will comply.

or not or no or n and also i have redecorated; or and or an or a and i have become incoherent. still, the presentation has fewer dots upon its front. also, i am reformulated in introduction.

*what this means is that jess has defended her masters project and won!!!!

October 20, 2005

yeah, tuna-sand

a food arrangement

i halved the fine structure cons*BOOM*

"because that's what we do at NIST; we adjust the fundamental constants" -bill phillips, PHYS721

the nobel prize in physics: worldwide recognition, a million dollars, and some knobs to twiddle? (i want to say they're god knobs, but maybe that's dirty?)

also "just like there's a fundamental relation in quantum mechanics between position and momentum, there's a fundamental relation in life between truth and brevity" -bp

October 19, 2005

day 1579 lyrics are up.

probably a song or two on the way.

work now.

October 17, 2005

"every dynamic control product goes through a thorough test cycle before it is sold to the pubic."

from dynamat

do you need pubic vibration damping? uh...

October 11, 2005

you wish that i direct you to a smaller turtle? no, i am sorry, i cannot.

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hold first chopstick in original position move the second one up and down.
now you can pick up *anything*

October 10, 2005

an article on sunken cheese has brought my attention to the existence of the baie des ha! ha!* located near here

baie des ha! ha!

*translate this one using google translate or babelfish... it's kind of awesome.

October 09, 2005

The following item of spam sums up something:

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From nkpfbxlg@yahoo.com Sat Oct 8 17:53:30 2005
Date: Sat, 08 Oct 2005 15:47:16 -0700
From: Whitney Mcdonough
To: xxx@xxxxxxx.umd.edu
Subject: re[4]:


EBay I am a How much is that? Matrix

Santa Claus in 1857

[ Part 2, Image/GIF 21KB. ]
[ Unable to print this part. ]

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@perk; avoiding PHYS721 homework, and pondering the creation of a wikipedia entry on inertial waves, but i don't have good references here.

the wallace and gromit movie is awesome.

i want to write a song.