July 22, 2005

i'm going to paris this afternoon, so i won't be online anymore until i get back.

j.f. and woody are disappearing this evening for various obligations, so dan and i have decided to move on and be closer to the airport for the morning. we're going to check into a hotel at cdg and take a cab downtown for dinner and drinks...

... my talk went well ... that is all for now ... ellipses ...

oh, right

Monday, 25 July 2005
College Perk

monday show time.

ok, au revoir

July 18, 2005

i AM in france and i AM wearing pants. take that jon!


took like 36 hours to get here, but i'm here.

conference is relatively interesting; the hotel is a bit far from the conference center.

my talk for thursday is still not written.

that is all.

July 14, 2005

dumb things for work that i am posting here number 2:

- - - - - -

this thing, it imagines that it is on the price is right

- - - - - -

data analysis breaketh my brain. on the upside, i'm going to france and i get to borrow the lab laptop so i can go to the perk or something and keep working.

dan <-- departs for france saturday at 6pm.

it's looking more likely that i'll be solo; my advisor's a bit ill.

July 08, 2005

could a guitar playing robot ever replace might could? the story at eleven.