June 30, 2005

alkaline trio last night, national geographic filming today; not going to be the most useful workday ever...

*twiddle* <-- thumbs?


well, yes.


i keep typing thumgs because it's hard to type while twiddling your thumbs.

June 28, 2005

sodium is heating, the goose is nowhere to be found, and i should now go do data analysis.


June 18, 2005

third google result for "neocon booty flood"

(and you don't need the quotes!)

June 14, 2005

- - - - - -

foolishness. experienced foolishness.

June 08, 2005

jess is home... i'm waiting for her to come up to ye olde CP. my peas have pods (3). 60cm experiment runs on friday, hopefully data for french consumption. the air conditioning has taken its early summer break, and by break i mean it's broke, yo. does it every year, runs cold but the fan doesn't turn on. they should fix it in the morning, i suppose. it's making lots of clicking sounds.

- - - - - -

the thing that looking for wireless erased from my brain was this:

i continue to love google. you see, i'd edited the garden thumbnails page to include the three new pictures i took recently and didn't notice i'd started with an old file until i uploaded it to the server and had five less pictures than before. at this point, no copy exists on my laptop or on my server of the old page...

but lo, google cache

June 07, 2005

"a cat that is functionally a dog may have some utility" according to some old article on turning Microsoft .NET into XP Pro and vice versa.

Um. Dogform Utilicat!

June 06, 2005

i've been rerouted from norway to france this summer. lathrop and i will be making a french road trip from paris to toulouse to lyon to paris.

the reasons are partially financial ($2000/ticket roundtrip to norway, and we have a $3200 grant to be used only for travel to france), but also i need to give a talk to advance to candidacy, and will do so in lyon. i'll also get to see the french sodium experiments.

would have liked to see the northern lights and 22 hours of daylight a day, but this really does more for me overall... and i'm not going to complain about conference trips to europe.

June 05, 2005

tonight's late evening activity synopsis:

lounging in a chair, reading melville, sippin' on gin and juice...
with the nine on the speakers (oh, it's james on the nine)

pea blossom!!

more pics

- - - - - -

i spent the afternoon changing my brake pads to find that i didn't need to, but now i know how to do it. washed the car too. umm, there was something i was actually going to write about, but moving around trying to get some wireless signal has apparently removed it from me brains.

currently wondering if there is a barbecue starting behind perk because i'll eat something else if not.

also, i didn't really know that fells point was there. i'd been to "fells point" but i'd never quite made it to the main drag bit.

drag bit... may be for making crossdressing holes.

sock hippo pants.

June 04, 2005

I just contracted "despite the fact" to "despact".

wasting time, wasting time. just kind of sitting around perk on a nice day. my pea plant has flowers. my car needs new brake pads; going to get that done tomorrow, but in the meantime, i'm looking for a ride to the even so show.

haven't been so inspired wordwise lately, but i've got a bunch of riffs and stuff kicking around...

maybe a new song someday... zop! that's what'll happen. zop! a new song.

i've been biking everywhere, it's good.