May 30, 2005

who knew scorpions were so viscous?

eep. it gets light early these days.

i've got broadband for the evening, so i've been updating my desktop.

windows XP service pack 2 and other security dealies...

now, bed as the sun comes up.

new garden pictures are up.

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yo! YO! yo! YO! click to animate...

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perk is dead with all the students gone. there are five or six people up in here. i just came to use some bandwidth to upload the new pictures. i've not "had" broadband at home in a long time. of course, it's only about a meg or so at a time that i need to put up, but maryland dialup seems a bit unreliable sometimes.

i've got memorial day off. i'm going to try to get some recording done. i was playing around with reason and cubase a couple of days ago, but something went wrong with rewire, and now they don't play together anymore. i can still save the reason song as audio and import it, but that's not as slick. if anyone knows what i'm talking about, and has any advice, that'd be cool :>

that's all the nudes that's fit to prince. um. or something like that.

May 29, 2005

my new bike is hiding behind my phone

- - - - - -

garden pictures aren't turning out right. gotta wait for the right light. thought i took some really nice ones friday morning (when i stayed up until 7 am) but they were blurry.

pretty light, but not enough. shoulda used a tripod.

ehm, i'm going to go outside. it's nice out.

i just got an email from continuous play announcing their breakup as a band.


those guys really put a lot of work into the band, and i guess things just blew up a bit at their last practice.

hard to catch a break in music around here... and... well... that kind of sucks.

slow night at perk, played some pool with mike smirnoff and lisa.

seems i'm going to norway in july.

that's it for now. i'll probably post garden pictures tomorrow. my largest pea plant comes up almost to my chest. i'm going to have to build more trellis or something.

May 25, 2005

i've got my camera back; after the batteries are charged i'll post some garden pictures. also, bike and phone and bike by phone.

May 24, 2005


rescue.                  fescue.

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how to perform strongman stunts

May 18, 2005

from the precious-few-things-in-the-news-that-make-me-feel-good-about-the-world department:

a clay water filter for removing e-coli and other pathogens made by firing a half-and-half terracotta and coffee ground mixture in a cow manure fire.

a .pdf with detailed instructions and pictures is available.

i wonder how large they can be made without cracking? the coffee-ground version takes an hour to filter a liter of water, because the pores are so small, and the test filter was only about the size of a soda can. (they can be made with tea leaves or rice hulls also, which give larger pores, but they have poorer removal efficiency).

maybe tall-and-skinny would hold up to firing, but the water could come out the sides. who out there knows about clay?

i guess getting a hot-enough fire over a large volume could be a problem too. the process is supposed to be kilnless.

well, it's badass anyway.

- - - - - -

also UFO spotted on Google Maps

I'm thinking weather balloon or something.

funny image though.

and the mormon temple by the beltway

May 17, 2005

i'd post garden pictures but i left my bag at lupo's and margaret has my camera. also, no bike pictures yet...

and the phone can't take pictures of itself.

i can. therefore, i am smareter than the phone. (yes, smareter! don't you see how smarete i am?!?!?)

or at least more articulated.

and articulate.


dang. k.

May 14, 2005

help! i am followed by small car with bomb!

this is an audio post - click to play

May 13, 2005

May 12, 2005

All me your hats are mostly unpleY' telejelelfjelelf'

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May 07, 2005


this doesn't surprise me, because i know how much faster i can send morse code than type on my phone, but 93 year old gordon hill, using morse, beat teenage challengers sending the same message (with abbreviations!) in SMS text...

this is awesome.

i mean, the SMS interface is crap, even with T9 text entry, but it's still amusing.

May 05, 2005



cinco de mayo. five of mayonnaise.

dutch liberation day

May 04, 2005

garden update is up.

today's giant-handed former labmate: woodrow shew

watch this hammer! hand is huge! we're all going to die!

- - - - - -

well, ok. so. ok.

i'd made fun of another guy in the lab for keeping his old cellphone alive by opening it up and soldering stuff back together.... he could "just get a new one".

then my speaker went after i epoxied the antenna mounting point back to the case, and so i cracked the phone open today and bent some pins around to fix it.

i understand greg's motivation now that my phone is decaying. i like the phone. it's been designed so that you can flip it open, but the flip hinge is just a switch. if it breaks off, it does not completely ruin the phone. it's as thin as a non-flip phone, but doesn't require a long button press to activate the keys.

unfortunately, it is also intentionally designed to be non-durable. opening it up and fiddling with it to make it go makes rejects the philosopy and culture of disposable design. i don't intend to buy a new phone until i like those being offered more than i like the one i own.

greg also points out that he likes paying month-to-month for his cellphone. he can terminate service at any time. this means, though, that if he does want a new phone, he's got to pay full price, as all the deep phone discounts are offered to those who sign new contracts.

hell, the $175 early termination charge is probably just the balance of the price of the phone in most cases.

anyway, i'm going to keep this thing alive as long as i can (i'm not sure yet if i've really fixed it; i hope i'm not overestimating chicken quantity from eggnumber)

- - - - - -

took garden photos this morning, i'll post them in a bit. i've learned not to count my peas (yo!) before they've sprouted...

i've been fiddling with behind-the-scenes stuff on the page more than updating. i think i've got everything transitioned over except for a weird error in the september 2003 archive related to my hosting provider's url spellchecker.

audioblogger changed their icon, so i did some css stuff to make that look prettier.

back to posts! i don't know what to use audio posts for anyway. (they probably sound really bad for music).

May 02, 2005

i'm not sure what this is for.

i'm not going to worry about it.

i just wanted the name.


- - - - - -

if i take garden pictures every ten days, tomorrow is the next due date. perhaps i will document the new growth this evening, depending on the weather.

- - - - - -

i think i'm really in need of a focused songwriting session. test pilot was feb 26

i'm slow....