April 30, 2005

6:30 is the taste of college park show. it's made by taste-of-college-park-show-cows. bread is not made by cows.

tears are made by tear-cows.

that's tears as in the result of crying, not the result of ripping..

cows are made by cows.

April 28, 2005

does it email? i almost never use this feature anyway, so i don't
why i care. i guess i just like to know that everything is working after
a switchover. this post from email

- - - - - -

i'm giving a talk i haven't even started working on tomorrow. i'm going
to use some slides lathrop has and wing it probably. i'll work on it
tomorrow morning but lathrop told me i shouldn't spend time on it, so i'm
not ... ha!

. . . welcome to blog.danzimmerman.com . . .

please update your links, yo.

i like me some danzimmerman.com consolidation.

April 27, 2005

cold fusion is back, but this time it's real*.

(and, strangely, as i post this, "supercollider" by fountains of wayne is playing)

anyway, the power output of the experiment was only around 360 picowatts. (0.00000000036 W), so you're not going to be running your groovy coconut grinder using this as a power source, but nuclear fusion was attained at temperatures significantly below room temperature.

the experiment used a pyroelectric crystal (one where the charges inside it separate to opposite faces when it is heated) to generate a huge electric field, ionizing deuterium and accelerating the resulting ions toward a deuterium target, causing a deuterium-deuterium fusion reaction. (deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen with an extra neutron, is used in fusion experiments because it doesn't require as much energy to cause it to fuse).

Ref: B. Naranjo, J.K. Gimzewski and S. Putterman, Observation of nuclear fusion driven by a pyroelectric crystal, Nature 434, 1115-1117 (28 April 2005)

* this link won't work unless you're on university of maryland's campus or have a subscription to nature

April 26, 2005




groovy coconut


April 23, 2005

essaytea? heartfailure&death?

from 3M Canada's site announcing transparent duct tape, an illustration:

this is very important!

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There are garden pictures up at photo.danzimmerman.com

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Monday April 25
College Perk Show
8:13pm - Be There!

April 22, 2005

Dear Aunt Jemima,

Number one: I really like your syrup.

Number two: I am a long-time reader, first time writer-in.

Number three: Can you get cancer from being a humidor?


A Humidor

- - - - - -

also, hydrogen sulfide induced hibernation in mice

April 21, 2005

jess has posted, among other things, pictures of new york. i will probably stick them up someday with pages at photo.danzimmerman.com too, but i'm lazier than jess!!

go to her livejournal for captions or here to see the directory with opendirviewer.

and casey, you should go here

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it's tuesday! wait, you say, but it's THURS-DAY! but NO! TUESDAY is MITZI'S cat SEEN HERE with ME! - photo by jess

April 20, 2005

the first thing!:

shows exist and i play them.
  • monday, april 25, 8:13pm - college perk
  • friday, april 30, time TBA - taste of college park
  • sunday, may 15, 12 noon - new deal cafe green man festival

for full details, see the shows page

- - - - - -

the thing that is second!:

i've finally done a minor update to photo.danzimmerman.com. a few random pictures are posted here.

i took a picture of a brick / the brick is part of a larger work / if you want to see the work then click the brick / uh hey / uh hey

April 16, 2005

in the interest of paperwork reduction and/or bureaucratic increase/decrease or something we at dsz (namely, dsz) have elected to repost the following forms for your convenience:
  • Form 89384-T4 Application for Externally Enforced Nomenclature Adustment...
- - - - - -

While attempting to find Annotated Code of MD Article 2B 19-101.a.2 in some Java applet, the following messages were observed in the status bar of my browser:
  • Requesting Children ...
  • Loading Document MARYLAND RULES(!)

- - - - - -

A lemma: Dr. Zen, I'm sin!

- - - - - -

Finally, via Fark - The Montana Standard reports on THE AUDITOR!!

according to the article, this is a dog.

April 13, 2005

dag! the lettuces, they are sprigging!

swiss chard is up but not photogenic!

a fraction (not all) of the lettuces that begin to grow!

aesop rock last night at the 9:30 club (with Mr. Lif) ... wow.

i'd forgotten how much i liked his stuff. last time i listened to any was back in the cupajo days (pic with george clinton :>) and i knew i was impressed, but damn, that man can rhyme.

seriously sick show.


- - - - - -

third member for a ford 8" rear end. um, i made it for work and i like how it looks and i like to break up the giant blox of text? yeah, that's it.

April 12, 2005

So I went home the other day, checked my mailbox with the intent of leaving everything in it as usual (I'm very lazy), and all the mail was gone, with only a small card that said "write the names of those who live here" on it. I made the mailman think that the Dans had moved out.

This, through the convoluted workings of boredom and nerd-on-nerd action spawned this:


Dan Zimmerman
The Pope's soul
The rain king
The queen of detroit
The queen of detroit (take 2)
My clammy greater hand
Goot got! I leeve heer too!
Several babes of questionable morals
Your mom
The Expository Circus and Twenty Ton Peanut
Artifactual Jones
The Sheboygan-Poughkeepsie Express Travellers Cheque Writing Team 2002
Karl Rove's conscience
My less clammy lesser hand
Speed Mahogany and her Pips
Catatonic Bagpipe Guy
Persistent Vegatative State Bagpipe Guy
Completely Dead But We Keep Him In An Iron Lung And Apply Voltages To
His Forearm Muscles So It Seems That He Can Still Play Bagpipes (We Do
This For Political Reasons) Guy
Jesus Fucking Christ Let Me GO I Am Not About To Be Your New Creepy
Not Alive But You'll Claim I Am Bagpipe Guy
Just Dead And They Admit It And He'll Be Cleared Out By Thursday,
Friday At The Latest Bagpipe Guy
Thank The Lord Finally Someone Who Is Not Bagpipe Guy
Canadian Goth Girl
Slim Shady
Asia Argento's Ass (you know, Triple A)
(> '' )> Kirby


On Apr 11, 2005 11:55 PM, jess@xxxxxxxx.com wrote:

Dan Zimmerman
Songwriting, Singing, Bassplaying

(301) 938-3723

Visit http://www.danzimmerman.com


i think a future in which your computer consists only of a terminal to connect to google might be on its way.

hahah, just kidding, i mean...

really though, google SMS is badass. you can send a text message to GOOGL (46645) like these:
  • coffee 20740
  • weather 16509
and google will text back, in the former search, the first three google local results for coffee around college park (name, address, phone number, distance and direction), and in the latter, the current weather conditions and a four day forecast.

do it!

it'll do all kinds of other stuff. read this page for details.

i like the idea of having google calculator functionality everywhere myself.

costs only whatever you pay to send and recieve the text messages ($0.10 / $0.02 for Verizon with no plan)

April 10, 2005

out on the back deck of the perk; i feel bad, it probably doesn't even know i strayed. i don't think it reads my blog.

jeff miller is wafting out the door. i mean, the sounds he's making are; he does not appear to be of a form that can waft. he's rocking some phil collins. to be accurate, he WAS, not IS, because, dammit, events unfold faster than i can type! not all of them. i figure i can type fast enough to keep up with the cascadian subduction zone's advance. i mean, that juan de fuca plate ain't movin' very fast.

i've become tangential. however, you should read about the cascadian subduction zone and its "periodic giant megathrust earthquakes". ah, the headlines:



or something.

jeff miller is good though, perhaps you should listen him.

- - - - - -

in creepy-cool science-news:

in three years, you won't have to listen to people talking on their cellphones. DARPA is working on technology to pick up subvocal and silent speech. i guess you'll be able to mouth words and have them spoken by computer to the other party.


- - - - - -

google hack of the day /// found on boing boing.

this page takes craigslist housing postings and slaps 'em down as pins on google maps. it's a bit slow on my 133MHz pentium laptop, but i'm sure it rocks on a real computer.

- - - - - -

i noticed this evening that i've spent 1/1000 of my life talking on my cellphone, almost exactly:

here's the calculation

- - - - - -

had a good time on the water last night. jon rocked a pirate moment on the way back, steering the boat with his feet as he kept watch for LOG! and crabpots.

there should be more bars accessible by boat. if you live in virginia, write your congressperson or santa claus and get them to enact legislation to make such permits easier or bring presents down the chimney.

April 09, 2005

hahahaha cheating on the perk hahahaha.

but really, at politics & prose down near van ness / UDC 'cause they have the free internet(s).

going out on jon's boat in a while, but caffeine and emails are first! oooooop!

look at that, nothing to say here!


April 07, 2005

click the photo for TRI-BALL ACTION!!!!!!

- - - - -

a $0.04 cent discount from the manufacturer's retail price of $1.99!! this is GOSH-DARN INEXPENSIVE for HIGH TECH PLAY!!!

but please:


CHOKING HAZARD - Toy contains small parts and SMALL BALLS.


- - - - - -

still life with AD537

April 06, 2005

in the spirit of this, i present to you:

things i've been chasing:
  • demon debtors
  • demon debtors

what escondido is full of:
  • letters
  • letters

things the indie kids have done / are doing:
  • fallen silent
  • getting violent

what i've been doing:
  • writing out of violence
  • waiting out their [the indie kids] silence

places for light to ball up:
  • rain capped trash cans
  • rain capped trash cans

things i've been watching you do:
  • plummet through in silken sheets
  • extract yourself from canopies

is the apartment squalid and the air solid? [Y/N]

adjectival phrases that describe the air:
  • supersaturated with the taste of change

things i am:
  • flightless
  • stupid
  • a biped in here

= = = = = =

(it's - - - - - - doubled up in springtime exuberance)

too nice for you to be not outside! i am outside! zzp!

- - - - - -

well, no wonder they're not flying shuttles. NASA is smoking crack all the time.

i wonder if they're using spark plugs**

** you really really should click this link because it is the funniest story involving motorcycles and crackheads EVER

- - - - - -

in the set of people who are not going to be elected pope***

***gotta credit jess for being a backseat blojjer and naming the set

April 04, 2005

i've switched over (hopefully) to using blogspot commenting instead of haloscan.

the old comments will be kept, but all new posts will be on blogspot.*

this really shouldn't change much; comment box is just going to look a bit different.

hokay. nice day. going home.

*update: the hack described in blogger help has broken the haloscan comments. i've got an idea to bring them back... argh

update on the update:

i've brought back haloscan comments on the archive pages... the front page has had the haloscan comments obliterated. sorry about that, but i think the blogger comments are going to be better; they'll be searchable and look better...

sorry for the problems with the comments on this page...

update on the update update: gah!. it's proving unstable to try to keep haloscan comments.

i'm going with blogger still... the old comments are still somewhere, but you can't see them.


April 03, 2005

hot beat tiny golden pig!

it's a song.

and maybe a top google search result for "tiny golden pig"

oh yeah.

April 02, 2005

went to GQB at McFadden's or something with jess to see master ed last night. took us a bit to find ed, which is an odd, given the blue tipped green mohawk... in my defense, it was a big bar with lots of floors.

well two, but big.

i mean, it was a broom closet and i was alone.

ok. it was a $&%^@*# empty broom closet and i was NOT INVITED.


- - - - - -

shup! dang, it's on the back...

- - - - - -

April 01, 2005

i'm happy to report that the baltimore city parking authority mascot is still alive and well.

call 443-573-2800, and listen to ALL of the options.

if you want to skip to the surprise, just press 7.


i'm thirsty. i'll give anyone $3 for a google gulp invite. please!

given their gmail naming convention (can one instance be called a convention? would there be booths? wheeeee!), shouldn't they be calling the new product ggulp.

i mean.


infinity plus one?