March 31, 2005

blogger is acting up...

mitch hedberg is dead

no official cause yet.


March 30, 2005

if you listen really closely, it's frogs; otherwise it's nothing ! nothing

this is an audio post - click to play

March 29, 2005

no reason for this, really. time for RANDOM PICTURE!

- - - - - -

andrew's plant, um... that's all

March 28, 2005

i don't know; it looks as if it's not going to storm *too* badly for my show tonight.

here we go!! ! !!! !! ! ! ! !!!

- - - - - -

my mom and sis are out. went to breakfast at plato's and they took off.

'twas a nice visit, and i have lots of leftovers from easter dinner.

and also! they helped! me clean! my apartment! and now! it is! not spotful!

- - - - - -

holy crap, though, i wish i could levitate. bar crowds, you know.

- - - - - -

come to the show! starting at 8:13. do it!

March 25, 2005

my mom and sister have arrived : in town until late sunday/early monday i guess

i've decided my livejournal doesn't get much use so this is where you should come to read things about me.

this might be a lie.

the above statement or this one might not be the truth or a lie.

the bad and very good and fat and not fat and arbitrary and conscientious and broad and narrow and graceful cattle rancher had an aneurysm from too many adjective conflicts.

and oop, there goes the neighborhood.

- - - - - -


March 24, 2005

dan zimmerman show
monday, 28 march, 2005
at the perk

don't forget PLOJ XXXII on Saturday

March 23, 2005

rainy day, back from new york /
webmaster duties have me at perk

still sick; penicillin, it does nothing!
viral, i guess, just have to beat it with my internal defenses and tea.
probably go back to the health center this week, though it's not feeling so bad...

back to work tomorrow; must finish the array! bwahhah.h..hachk..

- - - - - -

here's a photo for you, gentle readers:

times square at four after six on the nineteenth of march. this is remarkable, because six usually comes after four. remark!

- - - - - -

bjork, bjork, bjork, bjork
bjork, bjork, bjork, bjork
bjorker, bjorker, bjorker, bjorker
bjorkest, bjorkest, bjorkest, bjorkest

- - - - - -

out-of context overhearings this afternoon:

"you don't want a logo that makes it jesus's responsibility and not yours"

"did you know he's my houseboy now?"

firainciioo is what the song currently on sounds like it's spelling.


March 20, 2005

in new yoik city; met jim watson of DNA fame and photographed tugboats (likely quite a bit more sinkable than this one) out of his window; saw endgame; more in the FUTURE

March 15, 2005

i'm a post-fiend!

maybe it's because it's spring. maybe it's the influence of bread mold extractives on the colonies in my tonsils. maybe it's because i can start my car two times in a row without waiting for the battery to fully recharge.

maybe it's just because italics

man, forget unitalicized text.

- - this line repeats itself - -


- - this line repeats itself - -

i've completely dropped off of google again. if you like me, link me, because apparently i have done something to remove myself from google's search results, and yes, i have submitted my site to them again.

i wonder if i'm still being dragged down by the .net?

no idea.


March 14, 2005

one : glass! it melts in a fire, not in your mouth.
two : happy saint practice day!
six : preserves the layout
ten : is the last number that preserves the layout

- - - - - -

everyone should know about google calculator

for example

5 inches * 5 inches * 5 inches in fluid ounces


earth mass

you can read more about calculator here


- - - - - -



Joanna points out that today is pi day (3/14 ... 3.14)

i declare that 4:33:05 is the most important time on pi day

so it's 3.14, 15:92:65 --carry seconds--> 15:93:05 --carry minutes--> 16:33:05 --unmilitarized--> 4:33:05 pm

now, i wonder if john cage's 4'33" had anything to do with pi...


March 13, 2005

so when my alarm went off at noon today, i set it for one. i slept until five. i needed the sleep anyway; i'm feeling a bit better in the throaty regions. i practically had to claw my way out of my room and i had intended on doing laundry, so i cleaned it.

of course, it's about 7:30 by the time i've done the wash. you, of course, must have figured that out by this point. therefore, you also know that i had developed a desire for chinese food.

and that my fortune cookie would read "you are next in line for promotion at your firm".

but, we're ahead of the story now, and moreso now that i'm going to tell you that i'm chatting with josh on IM about knot theory even though he's seven feet away on the other side of the wall. UNKNOT!

i made the mistake of leaving my blinkers on outside of yum's, because there were no parking spots. here was my mistake because my battery had become enfeebled.

upon my successful procurement of general tso's chicken, i was promoted at my firm, or, rather, my ignition ignited nothing!!

ok, so i've got a big solid pair of jumper cables, and there was a running car behind me, so i filed a request for a jump start.

by asking nicely.

fifteen minutes later, after consulting the owner's manual and pushing the hood catch in all spatial directions, we finally got his hood open. he'd just recieved the car from his father, and hadn't ever opened it. i told him mid-process that i could get someone else to help, but he's like, "no man, now i've got to get this open".

and now, i've been promoted to ... no, no...


oh, yeah. i ate the chicken. it was tasty.

- - - - - -

and then, the amazons "attacked".

now you will witness the calculation of a moment of inertia about a specified axis.

- - - - - -

it is late. i am at perk.

you are not at perk. unless you are.

- - - - - -

i played the open mic at franklin's tonight; the host did not like my music, i think, but attractive women do.

- - - - - -

¡exclamation marking!

- - - never, the less-funny - - -

speaks in tongues, i can never spell tongues, except twice. really. damn, that's sweet

- - - always, the more-funny - - -

repetition. repetition.

- - - - - -


FOOD LION is an abnormal name for a grocery establishment. Jess points out that "Giant Eagle" is an abnormally named grocery store in the "midwest", yet I did not think it was because I'm used to that one.

- - - - - -

EEK! A platform!

- - - - - -

|tee| is a pipe fitting

March 06, 2005

it's spring! until it snows! again! LATER!

everyone should come to college perk on FRIDAY because amy is having an art show and i am playing music.


sometimes i do that.

i intend on attending the staccato's open mic (staccato open's mic?) on tuesday this... people should come to that, especially if they live in the city... because then you will be already close to it.

to it!



i'm making minimal sense, and i don't care.

it's all the quil. ny and otherwise.

amy gave me some teas.