January 30, 2005

i saw la mala educación by almodóvar tonight. good film.

however, it appears that watching such a film and attempting to make a high end grilled cheese sandwich [muenster with dill / garlic, olive oil and black pepper on the bread] leads to excessive breakage of spatulas.

snapped the handle off of one, and as i was flexing the other one saying to myself "this one is stronger and more pliable", fractured it, though not making it unusable.

be in awe of the excitement that is my life.

the sandwich was good, though.

- - - - - -

going to do some electronic beats, banjo, and piano stuff at open mic with james and sarah fridrich this week... um...

whatever happens there... who knows?

- - - - - -

finally, wombat

January 14, 2005

not that this is infrequent, but i think it's rare for me and people who keep these things in general to write this:

i'm happy. it's been a great day. work was good, perk was good, getting to know a little about an interesting person is good, having the christmas lights on in my room and listening to the rain is good, zinc gluconate is good (to moderate the cold), dayquil is good (yes, i know, the ny-version is more appropriate, but whatever... i'm glad i didn't zonk myself out early tonight)

i hope it manages to accumulate a little bit of snow tomorrow, that would be amusing.

- - - - - - -

if anyone has any stainless steel exhaust parts for a 1988 Volvo 240DL that they've happened to custom bend for no reason and have lying around for donation purposes, I would like them.

i will be attempting to fix my tailpipe myself tomorrow afternoon, I think, because it's about time I put my welding skills to money-saving practical use on my vehicle

the quick alleyway fix has failed, unsurprisingly, as diet coke cans are not especially strong beasties.

- - - - - - -

i think i need to do a song binge.... my prolific-ness (-ocity -esqueness, -ish nature) is dwindling... it'll come around soon, i think...

- - - - - - -

late is good but late is late, and sleep is nigh...

January 09, 2005

this morning found me hungover, and laying in mitzi's alley in baltimore fixing the break in my exhaust with a found diet coke can and some hose clamps i had in my trunk.

aaanyway, i had fun last night at orpheus; got all dressed in black and drank too many jynnan tonnyx.

not much to say up in here. don't forget to come out on the 24th (monday) at perk and hear me play... it's been a bit since i played a long set.

i'm off to find some food as my stomach is not especially happy with me regarding last night's consumption.