December 24, 2005

eat it!

please enjoy said snowmuffin

- - - - - -

happy holidays! from us here at, namely me,, i mean dan zimmerman (.com) NO! NO .COM! simply daniel zimmerman. argh.

the colors (WILL NOT RUN!) will go back to normal (GUNS!) soon. um... i think there's a neocon gremlin or some(BUSH IS STILL MY HERO, WIRETAP OR NO!)thing in here. also a random TLD enter.bizer(CHENEY GETS ME HOT*!)

go eat your fruit(RUMSFELD!)cake or ... sigh.

* it's safe, really


jess said...

Fescues. No neocon gremlin plz.

Dad thinks Shalev is a neocon (not to his face).


24 December, 2005 22:46  

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