December 13, 2005

0.00 leagues under the sea

trent is in DANGER

- - - - - -

consider the following piece of spam:

Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 08:06:05 -0500
From: Pele Crumrine
To: Conchita Stanford
Subject: Re: cristate Negress

across Montserrat and the out islands. Soon thereafter darkness would come, and the Jackal approved of darkness. But then, so did the Chameleon. Storage room, anything? said Bourne into his radio. Rien, monsieur. Johnny? Im up on the roof with six scouts at all points. Nothing. What about the dinner, the party tonight? Our meteorologist arrived ten minutes ago by boat from Plymouth. Hes afraid to fly. ... And Angus tacked a check for ten thousand on the bulletin board, signature and payee to be entered. Scotty was right, all seven couples will be there. Were a society of who-gives-a-shit after an appropriate few minutes of silence. Tell me something I dont know, Bro. ... Out. Im heading back...

the question: are spam filters genetically optimizing computer generated text? cause this one is... well, kind of good.


jess said...

14 December, 2005 12:27  
Eric said...

Not the most expert Photoshop work I've seen, but certainly some of the most humorous in a while! Trent should audition for a remake of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. :)

17 December, 2005 17:47  
jess said...

Hmph, I thought it was pretty good considering it was dashed off when I should have been working on a paper :P

And Dan's photoshop with the Camus head is nearly indetectible!

17 December, 2005 19:57  
Dharia said...

hi - i found your blog cause i got some spam with some of the same text in it. so i googled it to find out if it came from somewhere. turns out its from Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Ultimatum. strange!

22 December, 2005 10:45  
dan said...

aha... well, that's a way to get the spam through, just snip out pieces of human-written text that won't have been indexed by spam filters...

sigh... i didn't think to google it...

good call!

22 December, 2005 16:01  
Eric said...

Oh, jess, I didn't mean that it wasn't good photoshopping; it's a heck of a lot better than I could do. I think that it's just because I took the original photo...

I meant to say, I've seen better, but only from pros. You're damn good. :)

25 December, 2005 11:57  
jess said...

Aw, I wasn't really offended... I've seen better too. Better photoshops. Maybe not better procrastination.

26 December, 2005 10:57  

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