October 24, 2005

surprisingly functional hardware

the delegation from france has fastened the latch to secure "dutch master girlfriend" as the final choice*. this, from a tiny dream.

you must understand; in understanding, you will comply.

or not or no or n and also i have redecorated; or and or an or a and i have become incoherent. still, the presentation has fewer dots upon its front. also, i am reformulated in introduction.

*what this means is that jess has defended her masters project and won!!!!


jess said...

I'm still fond of "Jam Master Girlfriend" and "Master Bader Girlfriend Ginsburg."

Because I have an MA I can also point out that you have a comma outside quotation marks in your new introduction. ("Fourty" will just make people think you are European and therefore classy.)

25 October, 2005 13:29  

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