October 30, 2005

stick it!

one of the implements that can be used to implement implementation

- - - - - -

implementation is a novel on 238 address label stickers, 239 if you count the title. it has a complicated relationship with its publishers. i will leave it up to jess to expound on this. the first instance of implementation in the district of columbia was stickered and photographed today by jess and i and a few others.

- - - - - -

that was the good bit of the day. the bad bit was when we later decided that perk would come through for halloween celebration like it did last year (awesome devil's night party) but, alas, it was just home to a bad PLOJ and no halloweeny stuff at all.

- - - - - -

by the way, the pink thing is the balloon that could not handle the pressure of an implementation paragraph upon its fragile latex self.


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