October 30, 2005


the rest of the implementation photos are up on jess's flickr page. i like this one and the watergate ones... it's amusing to know that they're up, though i wonder how ephemeral the installation will be. some of the ones that were stuck up around dupont circle (where we started) were down by the time we got back two hours later. were they removed by the curious, or the tidy, street crews or perhaps curious googlers who couldn't remember enough text so they made off with the entirety of it? maybe it was just hungry squirrels with a taste for avery's special adhesive.

- - - - - -

incidentally, this is my 300th post. i am reminded of some moron foxnews talking head i saw in a daily show clip who was asking something like "why is the 2000th death in iraq significant? why not all the others? why this specific number?"

big round numbers, bitch.

big round numbers. humans have a thing about them. have a thought that isn't wholly to support the neocon agenda, ok?

- - - - - -

better topic for a 300th post: hot apple cider on an october sunday evening is a good idea. also, i am going to be an escaped convict at work tomorrow, at least until i have to meet the external review committee for the three meter experiment.


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