July 14, 2005

dumb things for work that i am posting here number 2:

- - - - - -

this thing, it imagines that it is on the price is right

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data analysis breaketh my brain. on the upside, i'm going to france and i get to borrow the lab laptop so i can go to the perk or something and keep working.

dan <-- departs for france saturday at 6pm.

it's looking more likely that i'll be solo; my advisor's a bit ill.


Anonymous said...


Hope france is okay...let mum know if you need more front money so that we can get it into your account asap. If you would..when ya get to francais land...if you call Jess..have her call us so we know you got there okay. Thanks
~ j00r seester.

15 July, 2005 00:02  
Anonymous said...

At least your datanalisized mind is printing in technocolor. A lovely electronic voice told me that your cellphone was currently out of service, a ploy, perhaps, to keep you from being interrupted while you finalize your work (and profL's as well?)
So as not to embarrass you by the usual maternal mushiness, I will end with ilyaimy. OH!? everyone there knows what that means. Perhaps readers will just think that I am musically hip and not a dorky mother of "Jo" and "anonymous."

15 July, 2005 17:56  
jess said...

Case - he's not going to have cell phone service over there (you have to have a plan that works internationally). However, he said that if he has internet access at the hotel, he'll email me and you guys; that won't be as soon as he gets in, since they have to book it from Paris to Toulouse, but if it's possible at all it'll be possible soon after they get there. (It'll make life a lot easier as far as getting figures together for his talk, too.)

Okay, further internet research turns up that the hotel has access for a fee. That doesn't really settle things either way but that's the score.

//girlfriend taking over blog comment response duties while blogger is working his ass off//

15 July, 2005 22:44  

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