June 05, 2005

pea blossom!!

more pics

- - - - - -

i spent the afternoon changing my brake pads to find that i didn't need to, but now i know how to do it. washed the car too. umm, there was something i was actually going to write about, but moving around trying to get some wireless signal has apparently removed it from me brains.

currently wondering if there is a barbecue starting behind perk because i'll eat something else if not.

also, i didn't really know that fells point was there. i'd been to "fells point" but i'd never quite made it to the main drag bit.

drag bit... may be for making crossdressing holes.

sock hippo pants.


infojunkie said...

Dan, you and I are two of the very few people in the English-speaking world who have mentioned "sock hippo" on their website.

There also seems to be a mention here of "three sock hippo back-up singers" on a Korean children's video:


Please post a picture of your pants!

My sock hippo is pictured here:

14 December, 2006 00:19  

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