June 08, 2005

jess is home... i'm waiting for her to come up to ye olde CP. my peas have pods (3). 60cm experiment runs on friday, hopefully data for french consumption. the air conditioning has taken its early summer break, and by break i mean it's broke, yo. does it every year, runs cold but the fan doesn't turn on. they should fix it in the morning, i suppose. it's making lots of clicking sounds.

- - - - - -

the thing that looking for wireless erased from my brain was this:

i continue to love google. you see, i'd edited the garden thumbnails page to include the three new pictures i took recently and didn't notice i'd started with an old file until i uploaded it to the server and had five less pictures than before. at this point, no copy exists on my laptop or on my server of the old page...

but lo, google cache


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