May 04, 2005

today's giant-handed former labmate: woodrow shew

watch this hammer! hand is huge! we're all going to die!

- - - - - -

well, ok. so. ok.

i'd made fun of another guy in the lab for keeping his old cellphone alive by opening it up and soldering stuff back together.... he could "just get a new one".

then my speaker went after i epoxied the antenna mounting point back to the case, and so i cracked the phone open today and bent some pins around to fix it.

i understand greg's motivation now that my phone is decaying. i like the phone. it's been designed so that you can flip it open, but the flip hinge is just a switch. if it breaks off, it does not completely ruin the phone. it's as thin as a non-flip phone, but doesn't require a long button press to activate the keys.

unfortunately, it is also intentionally designed to be non-durable. opening it up and fiddling with it to make it go makes rejects the philosopy and culture of disposable design. i don't intend to buy a new phone until i like those being offered more than i like the one i own.

greg also points out that he likes paying month-to-month for his cellphone. he can terminate service at any time. this means, though, that if he does want a new phone, he's got to pay full price, as all the deep phone discounts are offered to those who sign new contracts.

hell, the $175 early termination charge is probably just the balance of the price of the phone in most cases.

anyway, i'm going to keep this thing alive as long as i can (i'm not sure yet if i've really fixed it; i hope i'm not overestimating chicken quantity from eggnumber)

- - - - - -

took garden photos this morning, i'll post them in a bit. i've learned not to count my peas (yo!) before they've sprouted...

i've been fiddling with behind-the-scenes stuff on the page more than updating. i think i've got everything transitioned over except for a weird error in the september 2003 archive related to my hosting provider's url spellchecker.

audioblogger changed their icon, so i did some css stuff to make that look prettier.

back to posts! i don't know what to use audio posts for anyway. (they probably sound really bad for music).


jess said...

Don't catch your chickens before they're hounded!

06 May, 2005 21:40  

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