May 30, 2005

new garden pictures are up.

- - - - - -

yo! YO! yo! YO! click to animate...

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perk is dead with all the students gone. there are five or six people up in here. i just came to use some bandwidth to upload the new pictures. i've not "had" broadband at home in a long time. of course, it's only about a meg or so at a time that i need to put up, but maryland dialup seems a bit unreliable sometimes.

i've got memorial day off. i'm going to try to get some recording done. i was playing around with reason and cubase a couple of days ago, but something went wrong with rewire, and now they don't play together anymore. i can still save the reason song as audio and import it, but that's not as slick. if anyone knows what i'm talking about, and has any advice, that'd be cool :>

that's all the nudes that's fit to prince. um. or something like that.


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