May 02, 2005

i'm not sure what this is for.

i'm not going to worry about it.

i just wanted the name.


- - - - - -

if i take garden pictures every ten days, tomorrow is the next due date. perhaps i will document the new growth this evening, depending on the weather.

- - - - - -

i think i'm really in need of a focused songwriting session. test pilot was feb 26

i'm slow....


jess said...

How did you post something at 8:39 am??

We still need a blog for things that have never been said before. Though I can't remember what the one from yesterday was.

02 May, 2005 12:37  
dan said...

weird clock thing. i don't know what happened.

02 May, 2005 15:39  
Charlie said...

Cool garden pics!

03 May, 2005 05:56  
dan said...

thanks, more today or tomorrow...

03 May, 2005 11:10  
amy said...

More cute lettuces!
There is an international shortage of endearing vegetation, and in the absence of adorable arugula and winsome watercress, your garden must rise to the occasion!
At least another few inches.
Please and Thank you.

04 May, 2005 12:15  

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