May 29, 2005

i just got an email from continuous play announcing their breakup as a band.


those guys really put a lot of work into the band, and i guess things just blew up a bit at their last practice.

hard to catch a break in music around here... and... well... that kind of sucks.

slow night at perk, played some pool with mike smirnoff and lisa.

seems i'm going to norway in july.

that's it for now. i'll probably post garden pictures tomorrow. my largest pea plant comes up almost to my chest. i'm going to have to build more trellis or something.


Tim said...

Sad to hear when a band that works harder than yours breaks up. We promise not to break up until the CD comes out, at least. Heh.

29 May, 2005 08:10  
jess said...

Maybe they broke up BECAUSE they work harder than you. Slacking is the true way!

29 May, 2005 14:23  
Anonymous said...

stinks. seems like it's a progression for College Park bands. or maybe just bands in general at a certain point.

I wonder when i'll get the email that they aren't playing perkapalooza.


29 May, 2005 21:17  

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