April 21, 2005

jess has posted, among other things, pictures of new york. i will probably stick them up someday with pages at photo.danzimmerman.com too, but i'm lazier than jess!!

go to her livejournal for captions or here to see the directory with opendirviewer.

and casey, you should go here

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it's tuesday! wait, you say, but it's THURS-DAY! but NO! TUESDAY is MITZI'S cat SEEN HERE with ME! - photo by jess


jess said...

You never are lazier than me! Not even close! Let's have a fight!

Damn that is a cute picture with Tuesday though.

21 April, 2005 17:14  
dan said...

dang tho! i am layzee!

21 April, 2005 17:16  
Anonymous said...


though the pic of jess on the boat is cuter than the cat...=P

22 April, 2005 10:02  
jess said...

Dang though I am lazier!

Ha ha fighting!

Caasey, sorry the really piratey pic didn't come out less blurry, but taken together they're a good dose of cigarette-dangling Jon-boy goodness.

22 April, 2005 12:51  
Anonymous said...


though jon-boy goodness...*snerk* hi-larious

and DANG I be lazier cause I won't even sign in I just go annoymus =B

22 April, 2005 16:51  

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