April 04, 2005

i've switched over (hopefully) to using blogspot commenting instead of haloscan.

the old comments will be kept, but all new posts will be on blogspot.*

this really shouldn't change much; comment box is just going to look a bit different.

hokay. nice day. going home.

*update: the hack described in blogger help has broken the haloscan comments. i've got an idea to bring them back... argh

update on the update:

i've brought back haloscan comments on the archive pages... the front page has had the haloscan comments obliterated. sorry about that, but i think the blogger comments are going to be better; they'll be searchable and look better...

sorry for the problems with the comments on this page...

update on the update update: gah!. it's proving unstable to try to keep haloscan comments.

i'm going with blogger still... the old comments are still somewhere, but you can't see them.



dan said...

the giant eagle is still alive.

see this post for details.

04 April, 2005 18:59  

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