April 06, 2005

in the spirit of this, i present to you:

things i've been chasing:
  • demon debtors
  • demon debtors

what escondido is full of:
  • letters
  • letters

things the indie kids have done / are doing:
  • fallen silent
  • getting violent

what i've been doing:
  • writing out of violence
  • waiting out their [the indie kids] silence

places for light to ball up:
  • rain capped trash cans
  • rain capped trash cans

things i've been watching you do:
  • plummet through in silken sheets
  • extract yourself from canopies

is the apartment squalid and the air solid? [Y/N]

adjectival phrases that describe the air:
  • supersaturated with the taste of change

things i am:
  • flightless
  • stupid
  • a biped in here

= = = = = =

(it's - - - - - - doubled up in springtime exuberance)

too nice for you to be not outside! i am outside! zzp!

- - - - - -

well, no wonder they're not flying shuttles. NASA is smoking crack all the time.

i wonder if they're using spark plugs**

** you really really should click this link because it is the funniest story involving motorcycles and crackheads EVER

- - - - - -

in the set of people who are not going to be elected pope***

***gotta credit jess for being a backseat blojjer and naming the set


jess said...

Blah blah blah, posting ne marche pas. TRY AGAIN.


07 April, 2005 11:24  

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