April 12, 2005

i think a future in which your computer consists only of a terminal to connect to google might be on its way.

hahah, just kidding, i mean...

really though, google SMS is badass. you can send a text message to GOOGL (46645) like these:
  • coffee 20740
  • weather 16509
and google will text back, in the former search, the first three google local results for coffee around college park (name, address, phone number, distance and direction), and in the latter, the current weather conditions and a four day forecast.

do it!

it'll do all kinds of other stuff. read this page for details.

i like the idea of having google calculator functionality everywhere myself.

costs only whatever you pay to send and recieve the text messages ($0.10 / $0.02 for Verizon with no plan)


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