April 28, 2005

does it email? i almost never use this feature anyway, so i don't
why i care. i guess i just like to know that everything is working after
a switchover. this post from email

- - - - - -

i'm giving a talk i haven't even started working on tomorrow. i'm going
to use some slides lathrop has and wing it probably. i'll work on it
tomorrow morning but lathrop told me i shouldn't spend time on it, so i'm
not ... ha!


jess said...

You didn't tell me Lathrop said not to work on it! Did we really have to wake up so early??

That's okay, I'm going to try to get permission to illustrate corn. I AM CORN

29 April, 2005 09:45  
dan said...

i mean, i HAD to work on it some...

29 April, 2005 16:04  

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