March 13, 2005

so when my alarm went off at noon today, i set it for one. i slept until five. i needed the sleep anyway; i'm feeling a bit better in the throaty regions. i practically had to claw my way out of my room and i had intended on doing laundry, so i cleaned it.

of course, it's about 7:30 by the time i've done the wash. you, of course, must have figured that out by this point. therefore, you also know that i had developed a desire for chinese food.

and that my fortune cookie would read "you are next in line for promotion at your firm".

but, we're ahead of the story now, and moreso now that i'm going to tell you that i'm chatting with josh on IM about knot theory even though he's seven feet away on the other side of the wall. UNKNOT!

i made the mistake of leaving my blinkers on outside of yum's, because there were no parking spots. here was my mistake because my battery had become enfeebled.

upon my successful procurement of general tso's chicken, i was promoted at my firm, or, rather, my ignition ignited nothing!!

ok, so i've got a big solid pair of jumper cables, and there was a running car behind me, so i filed a request for a jump start.

by asking nicely.

fifteen minutes later, after consulting the owner's manual and pushing the hood catch in all spatial directions, we finally got his hood open. he'd just recieved the car from his father, and hadn't ever opened it. i told him mid-process that i could get someone else to help, but he's like, "no man, now i've got to get this open".

and now, i've been promoted to ... no, no...


oh, yeah. i ate the chicken. it was tasty.

- - - - - -

and then, the amazons "attacked".


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