March 23, 2005

rainy day, back from new york /
webmaster duties have me at perk

still sick; penicillin, it does nothing!
viral, i guess, just have to beat it with my internal defenses and tea.
probably go back to the health center this week, though it's not feeling so bad...

back to work tomorrow; must finish the array! bwahhah.h..hachk..

- - - - - -

here's a photo for you, gentle readers:

times square at four after six on the nineteenth of march. this is remarkable, because six usually comes after four. remark!

- - - - - -

bjork, bjork, bjork, bjork
bjork, bjork, bjork, bjork
bjorker, bjorker, bjorker, bjorker
bjorkest, bjorkest, bjorkest, bjorkest

- - - - - -

out-of context overhearings this afternoon:

"you don't want a logo that makes it jesus's responsibility and not yours"

"did you know he's my houseboy now?"

firainciioo is what the song currently on sounds like it's spelling.



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