November 24, 2004

i'm in erie for thanksgiving... i'll have seattle pics in a little bit.

November 13, 2004

well, yeah.

- - - - - -

going to PLOJ tonight, but still do not know what i will be cooking.

simple tonight, i think.

- - - - - -

and this

new glasses:

November 11, 2004

i'm playing tonight at perk at 7:00pm... you should come!

November 08, 2004

the bad news is that the reception for the sphere is now beerless, since there will be undergrads there. boo.

the good news is that i finished the logo:

November 07, 2004

and cousin Eric makes us all proud

went to get new glasses today with mitzi and her friend joy from cali-fornia.

they will be sweet, but i've got to wait a week for them to be done.

had tapas and artichoke salad too.

i like baltimore.

later went to adams morgan and got a bit tipsy for gustavo's birthday this eve.


um, that's all. incoherence is mine.

sleep is should.

November 01, 2004

now for a "better slightly late than never" halloween post in photos:

- - - - -

so no song, but some scrabble wherein i spelled few if any words that were more than four letters long. i think the wordsmithery was not on tonight.