October 28, 2004

i've acquired a digital camera from jay at work. he was upgrading and sold me his old camera for a quite small sum.

in honor of my purchase, here's a picture of the glasses of one Santiago Andres Triana of the Leibniz Institute

- - - - - -

um. no new song yet.

October 27, 2004

the debut of hypothermic tonight went better than I could have imagined. Andrew and Phil held it down not having ever heard the song... in fact, myself and mitzi were the only ones in the room who had heard it previously...

i guess that's how it's a "debut"

- - - - - -

song three, song three, where art thee?

oh wait, maybe that's it.

or no..

so, last october i wrote trsfgsi, finer points and unplugged (i think).

this october, it's been back alley downtempo and hypothermic.

what's next?

i dunno.

don't have much time.

October 24, 2004


October 23, 2004

i've been busy lately; haven't felt like posting much in here. i'm spending a slow afternoon at perk though, and so you get some random unrelated crap:

i &hearts huckabees is pretty funny. saw it last night with andrew and some dudes from physics. there were a couple of sidesplitting moments. fortunately i brought a side repair kit.

click here for the sphere. it's a ridiculous object of great size.

the minibass has been improved to make it easier to change the strings.

i'm writing a new song; might be done today, might not.

i made apple-cinnamon-brown sugar waffles for breakfast this morning.


mole day

this is the last line of this post.

October 17, 2004

i'm sure lots of you that read this will appreciate the unfortunate animal of the month club

October 03, 2004

back alley downtempo is done. download it and put it on repeat.

hooray for october and new creativity and staying up until 5:30am to write lyrics.

- - - - - -

i'm giving my wrist a break; it's been bothering me lately so this song is mostly electronically programmed, so i'll get carpal tunnel in my mouse hand instead of my fretting hand. i did add an electric guitar line for variety, but that wasn't much of a strain.

so by giving my wrist a break, i mean that i played with sarah today and now i'm going to band practice... shit.

okay. i'll fire zee missiles, then i'll have a nap, or rest the wrist or...

stretching helps.

suggestions on doing the new song live??

andrew prolly doesn't want to drag out the piano *just* for this song...

sometime late tomorrow afternoon or early evening, i should have recorded the vocals for the new song.

the what, you say?


the new song.

"back alley downtempo" is the working title, and i think i'll keep it.

it's going to be, a bit... different. the following image is related to why it's different:

it's what i got when i ordered a new wrist from lisa at perk.
i'm really not sure what's going on with the smallest of the fingers...

- - - - - -

i'm playing bass with sarah fridrich today at the takoma park street festival thingy. we're playing at noon, so come on over.