September 26, 2004


innocently rusting in the back lot, it never suspected the torture that awaited a few words and a rented backhoe away.

chris of perk made the rounds, saying something like "hey, dan, we're going to tear up the old car out back up with the backhoe in five minutes."


how about yes?

those things i never got to break or make when i was ten... the monstrosities concoctable by a boy with a backhoe, they found at least some release when the rear window burst into ten thousand pieces between my hydraulically augmented bucket thumb and earthen forefinger.

mine was not the only turn, and, well, there's something about an attractive girl with a single-mindedness that the tires just *must* go.

they must have been steel belted, because she hooked one of them with a bucket tooth and lifted the whole broken carcass five feet in the air before dropping it.



- - -- - - -- - -

it's a good thing phil drank too much last night and cancelled practice, because i totally would have missed the whole thing.

September 24, 2004

i stayed up much much much too late last ni... this morning.

holy crap.

it's early afternoon and i'm starting to not be able to see :-)

i can't deal with this 3 hours of sleep thing... nap when i get home.

September 23, 2004

no matter how many new posts i make here, the "number of posts" counter on the post page stays at 168.

i think it means something.

my apartment complex smells like a coal burning furnace, there's a light post in shoppers' parking lot with a mercury vapor and a sodium vapor lamp in it, and i'm a basketcase.

- - - - - -

and it's only 2:45


September 22, 2004

i think yesterday sounded rather good at open mic, and apparently so did the dude who does the booking for santa fe and cornerstone.

he wants me to do some happy hour stuff on fridays.

he wants me to play some covers.

i assured phil that i'd learn some covers so we could play at santa fe (phil is big on playing there)

the question is, what would be good songs for me to cover? i don't want to be *too* cliche, but they should be recognizable to a large portion of drunken college students.


September 21, 2004

need to start a non-online journal.

i'm good and confused and elated and worried and a bit stressed and guilty and not and relieved and busy and ... tumultuous.

for some reason, i've listened to escondido eight times today.

here's a picture instead of something else...

- - - - - -

skyline dr.

i want to watch the universe curve away to the right because straight lines are boring. if i were gravitationally significant enough, space and time would bend to my ... will? no. things would just happen around me according to my mass. not enough freedom there. i want to bottle morning and use it as my alarm clock, or, well, i guess a more pragmatic plan would be a bedroom with a window to the east. a skylight would be even better. i'll just cut a big hole in my bedroom ceiling, using sheer force of will. i want to build bigger and bigger structures out of coffee stirrers until i've filled the coral room. i want to write an album. a whole new one. by december. it'll be like a christmas present. end.

- - - - - -

escondido is up to ten or twelve by now, i'm sure. probably more. it's been on repeat while i've been writing this, and i keep pre-emptively publishing it and deciding on more.

end for real.

September 19, 2004

the following factors historically contribute to a good weekend.

friendships still going after five years plus of absence
kickin' it with a fun band or three.
fall weather
the baltimore skyline as you come around the bend on 95
the paper moon, creepy babies and all, or especially creepy babies and espresso milkshakes
cats of unusual size
art deco bar decor (hereby shortened to bar art decor?)
the yeah yeah yeahs
lj n' charlie n' gwen
unintentional phalloi of misplaced and hideous public art
six am
learning something about rock bass. <--bass guitar played in rock, not a fish
dee-lite covers @ band practice

finally, sleep.

September 17, 2004

i will be playing bass tonight with martin and gustavo and possibly phil and alice.

college perk.

go to this page for details, and a picture of me with stupid hair from the Blue Room in Adams Morgan.


September 15, 2004

it's a dreary wednesday all around.

looks like it's planning on raining all week, too.


on the upside, my song output should shortly be increasing, what with the approaching fall and other considerations.

- - - - - -

at least i've got a good commute. here's a weird picture i took during my ride to school a while ago. i like it better when there are images up here:

September 14, 2004

well this didn't start in saskatchewan, but still...

- - - - - -

incidentally, i guess i should celebrate one year of self-indulgent crap

i need more music on the back burner. i've got a few promising riffs but no lyrical ideas at the moment. c'mon fall... time to break the head open and spill out some songs.

i wish i had kept a record of the date, at least month and year, that i wrote each of my songs.

does anyone (brennan?) remember the first time they heard "saskatchewan"?

i know this is threeish.


well, hey, at least i still remember the songs themselves.

- - - - - -

corey (sp?) from some organization on campus wants me to play some gigs. apparently i'm on the top of his list. i wish i remembered or knew in the first place what organization he was with, but anyway, i ran into him at taste of college park in the spring and he mentioned he wanted me to play in the fall. saw him at college perk tonight and he remembered this. good then. i stick in the minds of some...

i've emailed SEE a couple of times with no luck. I think it's time for a good ol' fashioned telegraph.

I mean, telephone. Yeah. That would work better.

.. .-- .- -. - .- --. .. --. .-.-.-

September 12, 2004

right, so playing with a metronome is hard.

andrew suggested it at practice; i think it's probably a good idea, what with the need for bands to have practically flawless timing to really make it.

it's difficult though, because it's not a drummer. it's just this "click click click" and it's hard to interpolate between the clicks.

and i thought i had decent rhythm.

anyway, the band thing is going well... phil couldn't practice today but we're setting up weekly sunday practices.

i think we sounded good on friday night, but, of course, the lack of practice shows around the edges.

it's substantially my fault. i've just been so zonked (technical term) after work the past couple of weeks that i hadn't wanted to play.

the show sort of inspired me, though. today was easy because andrew lives in seven springs now too... phil lives off of adelphi by the university. there's no reason why we shouldn't be practicing more except that, yes, i AM getting my Ph.D. in physics, aren't i?

now, for gigs. gotta book some. however, first, bed.

- - - - - -

right, and if you want gmail, let me know.


i can't get rid of enough invites, dammit :0). they used to be so popular too.

- - - - - -

and finally, i think the perk open mic is pretty good exposure. maybe it has something to do with the number of people in the audience with internet-connected laptops, but tuesdays average considerably higher traffic to than any other weekday.


g'night for the third time, though you wouldn't know it if i hadn't mentioned it.

September 05, 2004

last night was cake at merriweather. sarah and I got there at 4pm for 5pm gate opening, which translated into front row center in the pavilion. this was pretty much ideal. we went all the way up front during graham colton (who were also quite good)and ended up behind exactly one row of short high-schoolers for cake.

sarah had called me at 3 to say she wasn't really sure she wanted to go, cause she'd had a rough day so far. i convinced her to go anyway, because i figured, well, it's pretty much impossible to have a bad day *after* a cake show.

that is, unless, you're on a diet?

"we are building a religion, a limited edition. we're now accepting callers for these pendant keychains"