June 25, 2004

Power Grid Zombie Resiliency

Indirectly related to the last post *o*

June 24, 2004

i've found another good use for the spam-filter circumventing word blocks like:

piece vertebral corinth
accelerate discriminable writeup alexandra plumage irredentist backboard
degenerate cushion rudiment authenticate lifelike seagull scrounge
thallium liquor calumet stalactite volstead pageant earring fujitsu moist
richmond classroom partial comparator endpoint zombie rick complaint
dully placebo medicinal croak cud aphasic rook steward covert doubtful
shopkeep value bandpass culinary ectopic winslow keyhole augusta dew
walters chat alginate ariadne crystallite earthmover rapid plankton
puffin fricative adventitious alter

i imagine there are few of us who know what *all* the words in this block mean.

so pick one or two that you don't know, and look them up!

spam word of the day:

irredentist (n): one who adheres to the doctrine that irredenta should be controlled by the country to which they are ethnically or historically related.

irredenta (n, pl.): regions controlled politically by one country but related ethnically or historically to another.

paraphrased from Princeton's WordNet 2.0

June 20, 2004

i've got a couple of shows booked. both are pretty short and far away but put 'em on your calendar or something.

more to come...

think i'm getting sick... going to college perk for some echinacea tea

and then ny-quil and sleep

it's the danzimmerman semi-homeopathic approach to killing cold virii



um.... i just noticed i didn't put a space between my first and last name... i think maybe i'm becoming too associated in my own mind with my website.

in other news, you can call me


June 16, 2004


an ancient native american word for

"i spent four days in a field in tennessee sleeping in a tent in a compound hanging with 20 people under a carport venturing out to listen to good music highlights of which were bob dylan, damien rice, the bad plus and gomez and then i packed all my stuff in a car sunday morning that got towed along with three others so we thought we would have to sleep in the mud generated by saturday thunderstorms and 190,000 feet tromping around but we panhandled $406.71 of the $652 we needed to get the cars back and found the last available hotel room in manchester tennesee (thanks pat) and all 13 of us piled into it and at the continental breakfast milton, who i haven't seen in four years since we were two of the seven physics majors at clarkson walked in"


eventful weekend... fun and excitement

June 04, 2004

now we've got a company that has designed and patented a biometric "digital rights management" equipped multimedia player kinda like the iPod, but with a fingerprint scanner!

ah, anything to milk the last cent out of the teeming hordes of consumers... you can't illegally download anything, because you'll be fingerprinted!

this, of course, is a good strategy... treat the consumer, a priori, as if they are criminal.

this will engender trust in your industry and the "services" that it provides.



wait, don't they all have to BUY the fingerprint-scan enabled thing? why can't i just buy an iPod, or ... one of the myriad other mp3 players out there?


i think maybe thinking materials should be thinking about the wisdom of spending effort and money on such a device.

the music industry is grasping at straws with DRM... there can't be backward compatibility with non-DRM players, that would make DRM moot...

i think they may be able to sneak it in to computers if people aren't careful... not so hard to make windows function *only* if in official contact with microsoft... and people are going to need faster computers...

but the mp3 players already hold 10 kilosongs... who needs more than that? i'll tell you who! GEEKS!

and geeks don't buy DRM-equipped stuff. too big brothery.

so, listen to my music. i don't require your fingerprints, just... a little lovin'.