May 31, 2004

i recorded the emo giraffe song:


good then. did a one-take "live" demo of five songs today to hand out to prospective venues, to get...

*dum dum dum*


i have been informed by spam that i am a loser with a small ambiance.

sorry for the misunderstanding, and i will attempt to generate more atmosphere in my vicinity through use of mood lighting and draperies.

toga! toga!

thank you, cristina sneed. what would i do without you?

ok, one more before bed.

boxed cats


i make no excuse for the following.
it just happened:

the title... well, you might get it if you got the kicking leg reference from before.

and no, i'm not starting my own webcomic...

but there will probably be at least two more of them because i sketched them already.

May 30, 2004

"like the shark, pandas have millions of teeth
that they use like hacksaws to cut through bone, candy, and fences."

-from some panda thing on sifl & olly that erica put on a mix CD for me... i haven't been able to get much past that song. for fear. i must know my enemy. i must become "drunk on panda mystery"

i feel the need to build a panda-dome, armored with something that is not bone, candy, OR fences.

or is that "bone candy"

in related news i have decided to become a fence fence.

i also got a mix CD from amy

martin sexton is fabulous.

lightning bug! right there, see?

no. you don't. only text! this medium has limitation! limitation!


- - - - - -

i got up early this morning (circa 10am) and did my laundry and took a jog, and then plopped on a couch at the perk or the "perks" as one ms. julia rose thinks it's called... but she was in a fitness infomercial, so it's ok.

i finished reading "the butlerian jihad", a dune prequel by frank herbert's son and... umm... kevin anderson? or something.

the back cover says it's more accessible and just as entertaining as the original series. it kinda sucked.

i suppose if you thought the originals were a difficult read, you may find this one better...

ellipse follows...

then argh! like before. only later.

i'm also rereading "fierce invalids home from hot climates" (tom robbins)

- - - - - -

the weather is nice. if it would stay like this for a month or so i'd have a chance in hell of actually growing spinach, and not just spinach seeds. the rest of my herb garden is splendid though. splendid. pesto for everyone! well, not quite yet and.. not quite everyone.

left to right: [flowerbox has square brackets] (pot has round brackets)

[dill cilantro oregano] (cilantro) (basil) (basil) (oregano) (dill)

like you needed a schematic. i also have swedish ivy, but that's not edible. unless you're a swedish ivyeater.

i've heard that norwegian ivyeaters can stomach it as well.

May 28, 2004

this is pretty much the opposite of the minibass, no?

May 25, 2004

his name is wolfgang. just wolfgang. he owns and operates wolfgang's professional foriegn car service.

he just left a message on my voicemail making sure that everything was working well and that i made it back to maryland ok.

now that's service.

May 23, 2004

the following is slightly ranty and may contain generalizations you find offensivish. especially if you've just purchased a fancy mountain bike and seventeen barrels of light sweet crude oil, or if you are a female who drives an SUV because you would like to have a a penis, or if a vasectomy is your preferred method of post-fathering birth control (no, this doesn't have anything to do with the woman in the SUV, pay attention). it is also long. if at any point you feel like you want me to go back to writing short observations about cicadas, please skip to the end.

- - - - - - -

just finished "half asleep in frog pajamas" by tom robbins.

that, plus a conversation i had with liz about dwindling oil supplies and the fact that we'd survive in a post-petroleum world because we're not totally useless have conspired to mindfuck me a bit.

today was a dazed day.

i don't really believe we're going to run out of oil by 2008... but i wish that everyone in this country knew that if we did, it wouldn't just mean buying a smaller SUV or even a fancy mountain bike. rather, except for the especially violent and clever, they would starve. they don't exactly grow the food behind the supermarket.

i wonder if they know (i don't, not exactly) how much petroleum goes into making fresh, relatively drinkable (WASA plus or minus lead, PG county... have they tested yet?) water come out of spouts in my domicile. at least we die of dehydration before we starve...

i don't think it's going to happen in our lifetimes, but if it takes sky-is-falling-i'm-going-to-go-hug-a-tree-now arguments to get people to drive smaller cars and not demand strawberries from argentina in january and not use so much damn electricity typing anti-oil rants on their 2.4GHz 400W-sucking computers, well then...

i'm going to make a prediction. gas will hit $2.25, maybe $2.30 for regular in the DC area, people will freak out, then the prices will slide back down to the $1.70's and everyone will forget about it in relief. cause we only live a little while, and the SUV is the new minivan for the emasculated-feeling dad...

and they're only the tip of our dependence on oil anyway. still, possibly there's something to the myriad penis-enlargement spams i recieve every day.

perhaps, just perhaps, when all us boys have a member we have to tie to our left* leg so we can walk to the supermarket cause it's only a block away will we lose our need to drive giant truck-things.

and for the ladies... well, unless you like your men cartoonishly well endowed, you're going to need faster cars than ford expeditions to get away from the giant cock brigade. especially when they're old and viagra-sodden.

- - - - - - - -

*yes, the left leg. my right leg is my kicking leg**!

**no one who reads this gets this.... but just in case some one who gets this reads this it's here.

- - - - - - - -

the end

a wise man once said "pie?"

and also "a screenless window admits cicada"

May 22, 2004

cicada + 75mph windshield = big splat.

May 18, 2004

yes, it's good!
but wish it had waited!
until i biked home!

wet dan!

May 17, 2004

i heard the cicadas for the first time this morning. it's pretty strange.

i'm used to the bigger 1-year ones which are more buzzy sounding and not
as high pitched. those sound more like electricity.

these sound sort of like a theremin played through mild distortion.
now there's something i haven't tried yet... maybe for the next PLOJ?

anyone got a theremin? c'mon...

i wonder if you could build a bass theremin... gotta make the antennas
less sensitive to proximity...

or i could just trap cicadas and play them... and give them to amy when
they die, apparently.


May 15, 2004

it's different!

got tired of the old format again, and blogger offers more templates now so i've switched. i suppose you noticed.


eBay item 3677749133 (Ends May-21-04 09:14:07 PDT) - Rare 17 Year Cicada

Someone's selling cicadas on eBay. how enterprising :-)

May 14, 2004

Went to the Mojo Room & Lounge last
night... saw ilyaimy and porter davis

very cool venue, albeit somewhat strangely located amidst porn theaters,
or maybe porn theatres? porter davis were excellent. two guys, a guitarist/vocalist and a percussionist/vocalist with all kinds of cool
percussion toys.

check out their music. they'll be coming back through town in a few

- - - - - -

so i'm trying a new thing with blogger... you can post via email now. if you see this message, then it works.

good then.

May 13, 2004

let there be no more speculation: the cicada has emerged in college park. two. at least.

let the games begin.

May 12, 2004

so i was going to post saying something like:

martin is a complainer. he thinks i don't update this enough when it says that this is an *infrequently* updated area for my thoughts.

but instead, i'm going to wonder why they changed the blogger posting interface...

it's more like the "blog this" button on the google toolbar

- - - - - - -

aaaaaaaanyway... it's all summery outside and i am appreciative. *way* appreciative. woo!

- - - - - - -

my project at work is still coming together, slowly, in all its stainless tonnage.

might actually get something done this summer.

and - i have homework for tomorrow; yes, all one credit of the seminar i took this semester requires me to summarize each talk i went to in a small paragraph. of course, this is completely trivial if you write the paragraph right after you've seen the talk, but of course...

i wouldn't be me if i weren't a procrastinator.

i've been playing more bass lately. more on that if i write some songs.