April 30, 2004

EU Series Double Bass

i drool... if only it weren't a third of my annual salary...

April 27, 2004

photos of Aci Trezza are up. Prague is going to wait a while... this stuff takes a long time...

- - - - - -

1&1 hosting no longer has the sweet promo deal that I got, but I looked at their site and they've got a 500MB storage/50 emails/5 subdomains/5GB per month transfer package with one included domain for 5 bux/mo.

I'm quite happy with them so far... of course, I'm not paying much.

- - - - - -

Gotta go to bed... I want to jog to school tomorrow morning... it was raining today and I got up too late.

April 26, 2004


Some pictures of Sicily up here. I'm working on scanning more of them in and posting them in the near future.

I have some of Prague to do too, and maybe some digitals that i've got laying around.

it's nice to have a subdomain for any little thing you want to put on your website.


April 24, 2004

i decided i wanted to make a new pickup for the minibass, mainly to free up the one i was using for the mandolin and whatever... so now it's totally homemade. sounds pretty much like it did before, with a little more output.

- - - - - - -

taste of college park was good... was a nice day for a street festival. kind of down that cupajo is breaking up but they sounded good today.

- - - - - - - -

i think i'm in denial about wanting to go to bed... i do but i feel like i should be out somewhere...


April 19, 2004

the following is a good way to spend a weekend:

1) go to a house of a best friend you've known forever
2) drink beer and make a bonfire
3) build little sailboats out of bamboo and race them on the river
4) avoid doing pretty much anything else

- - - - - - -

sunburn ensues, but i'm relaxed.

April 14, 2004

Fluorescent Lighting Safety

"...fluorescent lighting is an efficient source of life..."

who knew?

really, though, the question is why I was reading this in the first place.

April 09, 2004

dan zimmerman - sonrisa lyrics

new song... google translator freaks out a bit ... should be wraps not coils...

you'll see.

maybe you can fix my grammar.


Chris at Pretending Along is now offering dinner for the winner of his angsty teen poetry contest.

April 08, 2004

go to Pretending Along and submit your bad angsty teenage poetry. details are there. just go, i know you want to.

April 06, 2004

Got some feedback on the pocketbass

- - - - - - - -
From Dean@deanmarkley.com Tue Apr 6 17:04:25 2004
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2004 20:41:21 -0700
From: Dean Markley
To: dsz@danzimmerman.com
Subject: Try the artist kit

We have an artist pickup without all of the cable and with an end pin jack.

Give that a shot. Lots of luck with your invention. I think it is super
cool!!!!! Way to go!!!!

Dean Markley

- - - - - - - -


April 04, 2004

six days from today is a show.

Saturday April 10, 2004 - 8:13pm
College Perk Coffeehouse

I'll be playing with the ilyAIMY trio (rob, heather, and sharif)...

it's a good night for music. you should come. with bells on. tuned to F.

oh yeah, and today is 04/04/04.


April 03, 2004

photos and description of the pocketbass are up here

In a couple of days bass.danzimmerman.com will get you there.

subdomains. rock.