January 29, 2004

Tonight, I rocked the Iota open mic. And I had seared ahi tuna with wasabi mashed potatoes for dinner while sitting at a bar in a venue where the monitors are on beer kegs. A fine venue indeed.

I want to play there for real sometime. Or for keeps. I play, I get to own it.... I guess I'd have to go down to the spillway and drag race street rods with the owner for pink slips... and then I'd just get his car; which is sweet, don't get me wrong. I mean, I prefer a low profile hood and a turbo to the big honkin blower he's got on that thing but...

wait. music.


don't know where that came from. anyway, i played topsoil, mild mannered jennifer, and trsfgsi

racing slicks don't do too well on the snow.


January 27, 2004

okay, i admit it. recording is best left to the professionals.

makes a challenging hobby.

topsoil may finally be right. tell me if you have to screw with your equalizer to make it sound good.


January 26, 2004

i've remixed topsoil. sigh.

still in the works. i can't mix thru headphones yet.



snowdaysnowdaysnowdaysnowdaysnowdaySNOWDAY! FALL DOWN!



so the recent weather has given me more time to work on music, though it proves probably to not be so good for improvised curling


i've finished topsoil. you can download it now: topsoil.mp3

or you can download it after reading the lyrics

or you can download it after reading the newspaper


i lied about the mandolin. do NOT hate me. it's disallowed. rather, I recalled that a long time ago when i wanted to record topsoil and didn't I thought it would be a good idea to put a banjo innit. so i did.

with great hardship. and/but good results.

did i mention the hardship?



i'm working on topsoil. i need to add backing vocals ... and possibly some mandolin.

should be out tomorrow.

incidentially*, that's topsoil as in the "uppermost layer of fertile earth", not topsoil as in "lubricant for spinning toys"

good then.

if you would like a preview, then, HA! actually, not HA!

if you would like a preview, you can get an acoustic version: topsoilacoustic.mp3

rock that roll. why an acoustic one? the plan is to burn some acousticky stuff to a cd and hand it out to the booking people at real live venues where i haven't played and say "HEY! this is what I sound like! please, hire me to play HERE."

and they will say "verily, we shall have thee entertain us on February the xth", because they are anachronistic and vague.

remember, fog can be hazardous, and topsoil is not oil for tops.

*another typo worth keeping. something to do with teeth.

January 24, 2004

so my last two posts were within seven seconds of being 12 hours apart. And you and I are the same height! That is neat!

therefore! i present without further adieu* the full body of a spam that i recieved from the illustrious Candice Pham

- - - - - -

blunder allusive multiplet quicken carib script herald catholic frenchman
oilman translucent douglass convent wadi accelerate absentia peacock
enlargeable austin hell jules countermen threshold intemperate boron
apprehend drury sunk nearest cunning backlash collet sparse voracity
cutlass pie eugenia suppressor insatiable accent heritage washbasin bide
breakthrough fermat trim flatten numerate absorb skye circumcircle
psychoacoustic inapproachable awaken

- - - - - -

and now, it's like magnetic poetry.

austin douglass peacock

a poem; by candice pham and dan zimmerman

intemperate boron!
absorb skye circumcircle
upon psychoacoustic breakthrough.

fermat will numerate
eugenia flattens
translucent catholic oilman
quickens enlargeable multiplet

apprehend cutlass pie
cunning collet backlash
hell, jules
accelerate wadi

ok, so i'm at college perk again. playing pool. perhaps writing. maybe i should just set "austin douglass peacock" to music. by the way, it's your turn. submit your poems to the comments beastie.

*intenshunal! don't correct me!! bashtard! i'm not intoxshicated.

For those of you that don't realize all of the meanings of the word "flange"

Naughty, rude hedgehogs by Joel Veitch with Alex Veitch from rathergood.com

rathergood has PLENTY of bizarre kitten videos as well


January 23, 2004


working on learning how to mix things properly. Finer Points of Precipitation has undergone several versions since I recorded it. I think the newest is better so you may want to re-download if you've got it already. My headphones have been replaced with a new pair of AKG phones that have better frequency response.

I think I'm going to go have a beer at the 94th Aero Squadron and see me some Continuous Play

It's damn cold.

New music? This is possible. Shows? Eh, nothing at the moment. I think maybe the New Deal Cafe would be cool. And Staccato. And... the world! YAAUGRGH!

My car ... I love my car, but it saddens me. Ah, the holes worn in old exhaust plumbing by time and salt and widened and split by installation of new strong parts. They're too much for the older bits. Stainless... oh, if only I had the money for stainless, I would never replace muffler or tailpipe again!

And it vibrates on the highway! And not in the pleasing way in which... uh...

Did you notice, it's 012304

Sunday is a month past Christmas. Do I really have to take my lights down? Cause, well, you know

It's damn cold.

That is all.

January 20, 2004

Upon hearing this from Howard Dean's post Iowa Caucus pep talk, the Daily Show's Jon Stewart achieved orgasm. And then felt guilty about it.

Dean is said to be changing his campaign slogan to:

"Howard Dean; Despite the screeching, Bush is way scarier."

clip courtesy of Drudge Report

January 18, 2004

so apparently someone massacred a christmas tree in my apartment stairwell last night. it appeared to be an extended battle, as there were needles spread over every landing. the culmination of the tragedy appears to have been outside the back door.

anyway, late last night i recorded some bass. it's a short track called arcburn

i need a laptop that i can listen to mp3's on and browse the web at the same time. mine is too slow to run winamp and IE simultaneously... if anyone could point me to an mp3 player that doesn't require quite the resource load as winamp, that would be cool. if you wanted to give me your laptop, that would be good too.

January 16, 2004

in related news, anyone that wants to give me a nice pair of studio monitors is an excellent person.

Sorry it's been so long since I recorded anything; it was kind of Thanksgiving, Christmas, a few colds, a few shows, work, writing, whatever. I think the being sick in between the other stuff I've been doing has made it so I don't record. I mean, who wants to hear me even MORE nasal because I'm stuffy?

That said, perhaps this will redeem your faith in my free mp3'ing of you.

A badass recording of finer points of precipitation, complete with three guitars and harmonies...

I broke a string on the distorted lead electric right before the, umm, bridge? (try so hard to search the yard bit)

Through the magic of a guitar that stays in tune upon breaking of a high E, I finished the bridge.

Changed the string and recorded the bit after the bass solo. Isn't technology wonderful?

Now I need to get to bed, cause I was seeing things dart by during the last tracks that weren't really there.

January 14, 2004

In my CD player now: The Tragically Hip --- Trouble at the Henhouse. For when nothing but the most thoroughly Canadian rock will do.

Also recommended from Canadia:

The Tea Party


The Watchmen (recently disbanded)

Radio Stations:

FM 96 - London, Ontario

The Bear - Ottawa

Province of the Day:

New Brunswick

Territory of the Day:


Prime Minister:

In: Paul Martin Out: Jean Chrétien

Why? I think it's the cold.

January 13, 2004

David R.A. Scaringe was shot and killed New Year's Eve in Albany by police engaged in a car chase. Dave was crossing the street near his apartment, and just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was engaged to be married, an electrical engineer, and a musician.

Dave played guitar and mandolin in a band called Five Foot Fungus when he was in college. I played bass.

Rest in peace, man. I'm sorry you had to go out like that.

January 11, 2004

So it's Sunday and I've fallen ill again. Bleh bleh bleh. I think that I'm going to hang out at the perk for a few hours and try to write a song on the mandolin.

It's cold outside. I feel like I didn't mind the cold so much when I was in Potsdam, but then, it lasted so long that I got used to it.

Anyway, I've got a pot of tea, a sweater, a mandolin, and a laptop. I had wanted to record something today but I'm not sure what. I think my voice is probably a little off 'cause I'm plugged up; i may try anyway... maybe an instrumental?

Almost wish I would have bought a laptop instead of a desktop considering all the time that I spend at the coffeeshop instead of in my apartment, but the desktop is going to last longer, being more easily upgradeable and all.

- - - - - - - - -

Thanks to everyone who came to my show on Friday... I really felt good about the show afterward. I'm glad I fended off the cold long enough to play the show relatively unencumbered by snot.

Now I've got post-nasal drip (of the soul) aplenty.

Here's to tea and DayQuil LiquiCaps.


January 09, 2004

This cartoon is weird.

The Repository of Dangerous Things

January 08, 2004

went to the harambe open mic tonight with rob & heather (18th and U NW across the street from Stacatto)

the mood was set by a band called ishlab. this open mic seems to be a hip-hop/poetry focused one and ishlab provides backing for such things.

rob and heather and I brought a "different flavor" according to Empress (the host)

after me were two freestyle MC's on the mic together... don't remember the real one's name but his imaginary companion was named OG Hennessy.

Then there was a cool old blues dude who needed to tell the band to either shut up or shout some chords (the latter would have been better i think... it was sounding good when it was working)

And then an older eastern european or russian woman sang acapella.

It was ... weird.

Then we left.

Kind of cool though. I sang saskatchewan

Chris, you missed out on OG Hennessy and his brother on the mic...

January 07, 2004

Today, it is cold, and I'm up early. I've got to go in and finish reinstalling everything on my work computer... bleh... I've had unauthorized access issues leading the Office of Information Technology to shut off my off-campus internet connection. This makes the computer somewhat less useful, it seems.

For a very early birthday present (about a month), my mom got me a scanner/copier/printer. It's cool: printed up some color flyers and they look pretty good. Photos on glossy 4x6 look great. Not that I need to make a whole lot of photocopies at home, but the copier feature is slick. The PC doesn't even have to be on to make copies, and it will do color or B/W.

So I'm going to go breakfast and bike around lake Artemesia before work.

January 06, 2004

this is the flyer for the show on friday. flyer. it will fly. yes. big though. like a 747. actually 737. kB. 737kB. take a while if you use a modem.

January 04, 2004

i cleaned my apartment yesterday and today. call it early spring cleaning.. there were a lot of filthy bits but it's much nicer now... my room is still a bit of a mess as i haven't managed to put everything away that i brought back from erie for christmas.

because you wanted to know that.

i was at perk last night until 5:30 or 6am so I got up today at around 2. This is not a good start to my plan of getting up earlier in the morning... i figure i'll go to bed early tonight, but i probably won't.

i may have avoided getting sick... thought i was for a bit but i think all the sleep last night helped. my sis had a sinus infection when i was home for the holidays; i'm hoping to avoid that...

it occurred to me just now that there wasn't any bad weather for the ilyAIMY/me show at Thai Gour, in contrast to my previous windy college perk shows... so... is it

1) college perk + me = storms but not other venues?
2) rob and heather cancel the storms
3) when i play, either there are storms or i am sick.
4) dan, you moron, think about the statistical validity of your potential interpretations and reject them.

if i reject 4) for being ridiculous, it stands to reason that on friday either there will be storms, or i will be sick.

i pick storms.

crackermattress? explodyblobs? wtf? fun to play with, waste of time:




they speak to me! and they're quoting danger.