December 11, 2004

haven't said much up in here since i've been back. it's been sort of a slow couple of weeks, but not bad-slow... i've been getting into D.C. more to see some jazz, i learned how to tie a bow tie, and i got my glasses fixed. it's nice that i look hot *and* can see...

i haven't been inspired to write anything lately. that is ... unfortunate, i guess, but i'm sure something will come up eventually.

if i were victor yuschenko, i could write about my dioxin poisoning... holy shit.


still want to put up seattle pics but i haven't been interested in sitting around my room resizing pics for so far. i need to write some macro for photoshop or something...

- - - - - -

in music news, brennan has asked me to take fourth mondays at the college perk (eric maring was playing every week; he's going over to monthly) so i'll have a regular show there... gotta book some stuff for next year... mphfff... need a (free or % basis) manager.

that's it ... going to go pick up a guitar.


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