October 03, 2004

back alley downtempo is done. download it and put it on repeat.

hooray for october and new creativity and staying up until 5:30am to write lyrics.

- - - - - -

i'm giving my wrist a break; it's been bothering me lately so this song is mostly electronically programmed, so i'll get carpal tunnel in my mouse hand instead of my fretting hand. i did add an electric guitar line for variety, but that wasn't much of a strain.

so by giving my wrist a break, i mean that i played with sarah today and now i'm going to band practice... shit.

okay. i'll fire zee missiles, then i'll have a nap, or rest the wrist or...

stretching helps.

suggestions on doing the new song live??

andrew prolly doesn't want to drag out the piano *just* for this song...


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