September 12, 2004

right, so playing with a metronome is hard.

andrew suggested it at practice; i think it's probably a good idea, what with the need for bands to have practically flawless timing to really make it.

it's difficult though, because it's not a drummer. it's just this "click click click" and it's hard to interpolate between the clicks.

and i thought i had decent rhythm.

anyway, the band thing is going well... phil couldn't practice today but we're setting up weekly sunday practices.

i think we sounded good on friday night, but, of course, the lack of practice shows around the edges.

it's substantially my fault. i've just been so zonked (technical term) after work the past couple of weeks that i hadn't wanted to play.

the show sort of inspired me, though. today was easy because andrew lives in seven springs now too... phil lives off of adelphi by the university. there's no reason why we shouldn't be practicing more except that, yes, i AM getting my Ph.D. in physics, aren't i?

now, for gigs. gotta book some. however, first, bed.

- - - - - -

right, and if you want gmail, let me know.


i can't get rid of enough invites, dammit :0). they used to be so popular too.

- - - - - -

and finally, i think the perk open mic is pretty good exposure. maybe it has something to do with the number of people in the audience with internet-connected laptops, but tuesdays average considerably higher traffic to than any other weekday.


g'night for the third time, though you wouldn't know it if i hadn't mentioned it.


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