September 21, 2004

need to start a non-online journal.

i'm good and confused and elated and worried and a bit stressed and guilty and not and relieved and busy and ... tumultuous.

for some reason, i've listened to escondido eight times today.

here's a picture instead of something else...

- - - - - -

skyline dr.

i want to watch the universe curve away to the right because straight lines are boring. if i were gravitationally significant enough, space and time would bend to my ... will? no. things would just happen around me according to my mass. not enough freedom there. i want to bottle morning and use it as my alarm clock, or, well, i guess a more pragmatic plan would be a bedroom with a window to the east. a skylight would be even better. i'll just cut a big hole in my bedroom ceiling, using sheer force of will. i want to build bigger and bigger structures out of coffee stirrers until i've filled the coral room. i want to write an album. a whole new one. by december. it'll be like a christmas present. end.

- - - - - -

escondido is up to ten or twelve by now, i'm sure. probably more. it's been on repeat while i've been writing this, and i keep pre-emptively publishing it and deciding on more.

end for real.


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