September 14, 2004

i need more music on the back burner. i've got a few promising riffs but no lyrical ideas at the moment. c'mon fall... time to break the head open and spill out some songs.

i wish i had kept a record of the date, at least month and year, that i wrote each of my songs.

does anyone (brennan?) remember the first time they heard "saskatchewan"?

i know this is threeish.


well, hey, at least i still remember the songs themselves.

- - - - - -

corey (sp?) from some organization on campus wants me to play some gigs. apparently i'm on the top of his list. i wish i remembered or knew in the first place what organization he was with, but anyway, i ran into him at taste of college park in the spring and he mentioned he wanted me to play in the fall. saw him at college perk tonight and he remembered this. good then. i stick in the minds of some...

i've emailed SEE a couple of times with no luck. I think it's time for a good ol' fashioned telegraph.

I mean, telephone. Yeah. That would work better.

.. .-- .- -. - .- --. .. --. .-.-.-


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