August 04, 2004

Ash from Aowtar mentioned Damn Small Linux to me last night, and I figured I'd give it a try. It's a linux distribution that is less than 50MB in size and is bootable from a CD. It fits on one of those tiny-size CD's, you just drop it in to the CD drive, boot the computer and it automatically sets up a RAM disk and voila, you've got a Linux desktop running with web browser, IM clients, word processor, etc etc.

It is, in fact, f'ing cool.

I'm running it now. If you've got a broadband connection you can download mozilla firefox as an instant install thing (which i did) instead of their stripped-down web browser.

This thing even has a web server; I'm not exactly sure how that would work but it does.

Easiest install ever.

The only thing that was tricky is that I've got a static IP address here at work, so I had to put in all the network info manually to get online.

I'm going to try it on my laptop at perk, maybe tonight, and see if I can get it working with Wi-Fi

Alright, that's all.


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