July 29, 2004

there was a beetle clinging tenaciously to my windshield when i left perk tonight.

it made it back to my parking space at seven springs. it's gone on a great adventure, travelling 459,000 buglengths*, and has to start a new life far from home. i like moving. it means that you can start over, be someone different; you can convince everyone that you're a musician or whatever.

but you're still a bug.

ehm, yes.

- - - - -

*okay, if you do the math, 459,000 danlengths is only about 529 miles. still, that's a substantial move. i mean, it's not ~mars~ or anything, but it's far enough to buy a new bed when you get there, instead of taking it with you. or to think about flying home for the holidays. i mean, not if you're a bug, cause that would be, um, walking home; bugs take the bus. and besides, bug holidays are waaaay different from ours, and involve less eggnog. not much less, bugvolumewise. it's all about the ratios.

now, the bug
was traveling at peak speeds equivalent to me going 10,500 mph. call it bugmach 13. i think that i've just named a german metal band.


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