July 26, 2004

stop asking me to play bass for you. it's giving me a complex.

actually, don't stop asking, i might say yes; just be aware that it's giving me a complex. it's not that i don't want to play bass, it's that none of you singer/songwriters out there need a singer//songwriter, because you've already got that down.

there's only one person who told me flat out that i didn't have what it took to be a frontman of a band and, like himself, i was more suited to supporting roles in music. i got over that, but it hit a sore spot.

my bass playing is only creative in the context of someone else's creation. my songs are more important to me than the fact that i'm a good bass player. if i could write songs on bass more consistently, i would.

if i had all my time to devote to music, maybe i'd feel differently.

if you ask me to play bass, and i turn you down, it's because i'm saving my time for my songwriting and performance. for the few of you out there that i've met (no one actually reading this, i expect) who think i should quit songwriting and just play bass, just remember i've been doing the former for two years less than the latter, and i'm getting better.

- - - - - - - - -

i've got no right to be neurotic; it's obvious that you like my songs. i'm just mentioning this as an explanation for why i cringe when you ask me to play a gig on bass. i need to finish up this graduate school thing and give the music thing a shot; then i'll be ever grateful when someone asks me to play bass on their album... 'cause i'll need it to afford to eat


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