July 08, 2004

i've discovered a solution for those who don't like the crowded open mic scene. go to the new deal's second thursday open mic.

i walked in; no, i walked up to the outside and was dragged inside by the girl working...

you see, i had a guitar. i was armed with more entertainment than a single knockknock joke and a hasty stage exit, unlike the previous couple of hours of open mic performance.

so i got to play lots of songs. wasn't a packed house but those in attendance enjoyed it.

brennan showed up a bit later and we did a couple... then it closed at 9.

so 2nd thursday of the month is hurting for performers. i was told that they want to do *performance art* things... hmmmmm....

- - - - -

in other news, apologies for a lack of eloquence in the audio posts. it will improve over time....


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