July 19, 2004

i drifted home last night higher brain function a bit incoherent with motor reflexes, road hypnosis in effect. i'd just watched donnie darko for the first time and i was a bit lost in the aftermath. it's recommended frequently by friends and i see why now; it's the type of movie where it's easy to immerse yourself in the fantasy, incredible but somehow plausible. it keeps going for a bit afterward, flavoring the hours afterward. of course, not having any obligations apart from a drive home on a darkened I-95 with its river of taillights heightened the effect.

came up on the exit for MD 100 and wondered what a certain individual would think about a latish unnanounced visit...

i kept going though... both had work in the morning and i've been arriving earlier at work so as to leave earlier. our surplus supercomputer is suffering from, among other things, split brain. i'm wondering if it's wise to fix it. its appearance suggests that it could be evil...

would have been better still if i had taken the Balto-Washington parkway home; there's something beautiful about that road, though i've never traversed it during peak hours.

i got home with sufficient time to attempt a little songwriting, but the mood didn't translate into music at that point. i'd wanted to capture it in notes and lyrics but, well, it's summer.

that's not keeping me from attempting a bit of writing tonight though.


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