June 04, 2004

now we've got a company that has designed and patented a biometric "digital rights management" equipped multimedia player kinda like the iPod, but with a fingerprint scanner!

ah, anything to milk the last cent out of the teeming hordes of consumers... you can't illegally download anything, because you'll be fingerprinted!

this, of course, is a good strategy... treat the consumer, a priori, as if they are criminal.

this will engender trust in your industry and the "services" that it provides.



wait, don't they all have to BUY the fingerprint-scan enabled thing? why can't i just buy an iPod, or ... one of the myriad other mp3 players out there?


i think maybe thinking materials should be thinking about the wisdom of spending effort and money on such a device.

the music industry is grasping at straws with DRM... there can't be backward compatibility with non-DRM players, that would make DRM moot...

i think they may be able to sneak it in to computers if people aren't careful... not so hard to make windows function *only* if in official contact with microsoft... and people are going to need faster computers...

but the mp3 players already hold 10 kilosongs... who needs more than that? i'll tell you who! GEEKS!

and geeks don't buy DRM-equipped stuff. too big brothery.

so, listen to my music. i don't require your fingerprints, just... a little lovin'.


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