June 16, 2004


an ancient native american word for

"i spent four days in a field in tennessee sleeping in a tent in a compound hanging with 20 people under a carport venturing out to listen to good music highlights of which were bob dylan, damien rice, the bad plus and gomez and then i packed all my stuff in a car sunday morning that got towed along with three others so we thought we would have to sleep in the mud generated by saturday thunderstorms and 190,000 feet tromping around but we panhandled $406.71 of the $652 we needed to get the cars back and found the last available hotel room in manchester tennesee (thanks pat) and all 13 of us piled into it and at the continental breakfast milton, who i haven't seen in four years since we were two of the seven physics majors at clarkson walked in"


eventful weekend... fun and excitement


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