May 12, 2004

so i was going to post saying something like:

martin is a complainer. he thinks i don't update this enough when it says that this is an *infrequently* updated area for my thoughts.

but instead, i'm going to wonder why they changed the blogger posting interface...

it's more like the "blog this" button on the google toolbar

- - - - - - -

aaaaaaaanyway... it's all summery outside and i am appreciative. *way* appreciative. woo!

- - - - - - -

my project at work is still coming together, slowly, in all its stainless tonnage.

might actually get something done this summer.

and - i have homework for tomorrow; yes, all one credit of the seminar i took this semester requires me to summarize each talk i went to in a small paragraph. of course, this is completely trivial if you write the paragraph right after you've seen the talk, but of course...

i wouldn't be me if i weren't a procrastinator.

i've been playing more bass lately. more on that if i write some songs.


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